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10 Tips to Get More Business by Using Wholesale Sleeve Box Packaging?


Sleeve boxes are generally used for items that require additional protection against all types of environmental, natural, or man-made hazards. They provide protection against all types of hazards that can compromise the quality, taste, or shape of the products that are packed in them. They are manufactured with long-lasting, durable, reliable, flexible, and completely customizable packaging materials. The materials that are used for their manufacturing include cardboard stock, corrugated stock, kraft stock, and paper stock. They are commonly used for smartphones, jewelry items, pharmaceutical items, garments and clothing accessories of men and women, and food items as well. They are preferred for their unique shape and customizable nature. You can also get them printed with any image, text, or logo of your brand to make them look more unique and recognizable in the retail market. This way, the customers can easily identify their favorite items in the retail store.

Sleeve boxes are the most useful items that can be used to pack any product. Let us give you 10 easy and handy tips to enhance their business processes by using their wholesale;

1.    Consider different types of Packaging 

There are lots of options available in the market that can be used as custom sleeve boxes. It not compulsory for you to use a particular item to work as a sleeve pack. You can combine two different types of packages and make an entirely new creative object to surprise your clients. For example, you can use the designs of the mailer pack and use a separate sleeve case to give them a look. 

2.     Try Different Printing Techniques

The style, font, and outcome of any printed object is the most vital thing that lures the customers towards them. There are many different printing techniques available in the market that gives various results of their printed graphics or texts. The most commonly used are flexography, offset, and digital can be used for cardboard sleeve printing. You do not have to stick to one particular type for a long period of time. Try to shift between different techniques to portray your packages as more innovative, unique, and trendy items from others. 

3.     Choose an Effective Size

The size of packages plays an important role that can build an everlasting impression on the minds of their receivers. All cardboard sleeve packaging suppliers offer their items in various sizes. You can choose an effective size according to the specific requirements of an object that will be packed in them. Do not use a too small pack that would stretch to fit its packed object, which will damage its outlooks or too big item in which the packed item will move around. 

4.     Select Unique Design

To make attention-grabbing custom printed sleeve packaging always select a unique design that will capture the interest of every client. The style of packs matters a lot that makes any brand different from others. By uniquely adding a die-cut design on the panel of a sleeve box, it can easily fulfill the requirements of being inimitable from competitors.

5.     Sample or Gift

Before you select a particular packaging sleeve design and make multiple items, you should firstly distribute it free of cost sample or gift to the clients to check their initial response and feedback. By sending them sleeve gift boxes you can easily check their reaction to eliminate the fear of rejection and improve the areas of concern to make a positive comeback in the market. 

6.     Put Special Emphasis on Safety

Customers are more responsive to such companies that offer a durable item. You should put special emphasis on the safety feature of kraft sleeve packaging boxes. To improve their strength, you can add multiple layers of materials to offer different fragility to various types of products that will be packed in them. Another way is to use compostable materials that always offers high quality. They are more flexible and can be customized in numerous designs to fulfill the criteria of a protective pack. 

7.     Paste Some Stickers or Labels

Another easy way to make eye-catching custom packaging sleeves is to use attractive stickers or labels. They are a versatile, fairly inexpensive, and useful option if you are looking to brand your packages on a low budget you can easily use a branded sticker that will seal the closures together instead of printing on their panels. 

8.     Colorful Graphics

To captivate the target audience, graphical illustration plays an important role that improves the visual appeal of any package. By using colorful pictures and typography onbox sleeve printing, you can easily lift up their dull look. You can print the details of a pack product on the backside of a sleeve package while on the front, you can use more colorful real-life situations and cool graphics to make it appear more lavish and classy.

9.     Be Eco-Friendly

By analyzing the current demand and trend of both market and customers, eco-friendly packages are the latest trend. By using biodegradable materials and printing inks to make printed box sleeves, you can represent your company as a more environmentally conscious trademark. If you advertise your product correctly, you can certainly attract various potential customers that prefer recycled and ecological items. 

10. Enhance Protective Capabilities

The most basic and most vibrant of packaging is to protect their packed item from several outdoor stimuli. You can enhance the protective capabilities of even cheap sleeve boxes by using different finishes to efficiently revamp their outer looks. You can use matte, gloss, spot UV, or any other textured finishes to make them appear more presentable and functional at the same time. This will upsurge the resistance capabilities of any package that will protect its packed object from various external harms such as sun, rain, insects, dust, etc. that can either damage, putrefied, spoiled, or rotten an item. 

Sleeve packaging is one kind of custom boxes that fulfills every kind of look and requirement that its consumers wish to have for their sales product. For the past few years, it has been a great and successful invention by adding sleeves to the design of any package. Their beneficial natures have taken over many other product packaging solutions that were previously dominating the market conveniently.

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