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13 Aircraft Financing Mistakes you should Always Avoid


Many people think that the biggest hurdle of buying an aircraft is to select the right airplane. You can find the right plane quickly, but getting the financing set is essential for the purchase process. Individuals can make mistakes that can ruin the whole aircraft financing process.

Avoiding Aircraft Financing Mistakes

How do you know that you have made a mistake in buying an aircraft? Yes, you get stuck in any stage of the purchase process; but you don’t know what mistakes you made. Below are some points mentioned that will give an idea of what kinds of errors you might have made.

Uncertainty in Decision Making

The uncertainty of decision-making comes in all aspects of an aircraft buying process. It starts from the point where you don’t know which airplane to buy; to decide on the loan type. The people who are confused about every decision can never successfully buy an aircraft.

Not Doing Pre-Purchase Inspection

People fail to understand the relationship between financing and inspection. Many financial companies require a guarantee that the money they are investing doesn’t go into wastage. The lenders demand the aircraft be inspected that is a security that the airplane is worth buying,

Paper-Work is Incomplete

The purpose of paperwork is to make the dealing of the aircraft purchase legal. The paperwork is related to the financing of the aircraft and other essential documents needed to fly the airplane in the right way. Buyers focus on the legal documents for buying but forget to arrange for the pilot’s license and permission to fly.

Is the Aircraft Needed?

Some people are buying aircraft just for the sake of entertainment for themselves. They have no actual purpose and can’t correctly arrange for airplane financing. If this is the case, then don’t attempt to buy the aircraft. You have to be sure that the need for an airplane is genuine.

Not Considering all Financing Options

Different aircraft financing companies, including Airfleet Capital, will give you various loan options that suit your requirements. People often make the mistake of immediately applying for the loan and not looking into the other options. Afterward, when they see different choices of loans, they regret making a hasty decision.

Affordability of the Airplane

Affordability means whether the airplane you want to buy comes in the budget you have decided on or will be a waste of money. Another point to note here is that the size of the aircraft is the one which you require. Selecting the wrong aircraft will ruin your affordability.

Deciding the Right Aircraft Type

Many buyers don’t understand the different types of airplanes. They can distinguish between a helicopter and a plane but are unable to tell the difference between various airplanes. It is important that you know all types of aircraft; so that the decision has no confusion.

Not Considering the Aircraft Loan Rates

The loan rate is different when it comes to buying an aircraft. The rate is set by aircraft financial associations according to the type of aircraft you have decided to buy. The loan rate can change as the price of the aircraft rise or falls.

No Legal Help

Getting help in all legal matters is essential because you can’t understand many of the financial and legitimate terms and conditions of the financing process.

Not Accepting Advice from Experts

The aircraft experts are the individuals who have the knowledge you need to select the right airplane.

Neglecting Other Hidden Expenses

There are some other hidden expenses that you should consider before buying because it can affect the budget drastically. These expenses include hiring pilots, cost of maintenance and repairs, expenditure on fuel, and many other things.

Focusing Only on Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the airplane is important to look into, but focusing on just this point and ignoring functions is not appropriate. The procedures and specifications of the aircraft should also be focused on.

Overlooking Insurance of Aircraft

Insurance of heavy vehicles like airplanes is essential because many post-sale expenses can be covered by it. Choosing the right insurance will help a lot in the aircraft financing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does aircraft financing work?

The process of aircraft financing is not challenging, but it takes longer to complete the purchase.

  1. Selecting the right aircraft.
  2. Know the loan options available.
  3. Check the aircraft loan rate.
  4. Give the right offer to the seller.
  5. Don’t forget to negotiate.
  6. Make the payment and close the deal.

How long can you finance an airplane for?

The time of the financing depends on the airplane you want to buy. The full year of airplane financing is 20, but you can reduce this by paying the loan off quickly.

Is buying a plane worth it?

If you want to start a business involving an airplane, it will be worth your investment. The amount that you get from your business can become the monthly installment of the loan you borrowed.

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