Friday, January 27, 2023
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2022 in Perspective: Why US Startups Need Remote Development Teams


The availability of online software development jobs has increased to a considerable extent. For many people, it has become their primary mode of earning. Since the mid-2000s, many companies have adopted a different approach when it comes to tech talent.


Taking assistance from collaborative tools as well as remote developer websites to hire dedicated software developers has become popular. External factors such as economic changes and COVID-19 acted as catalysts to increase the need for remote workers. 


In countries such as the US, there is a lot of competition when we talk about startups and small enterprises. Therefore, there is a need for teams of remote engineers to reduce in-house burdens. Read on to learn why!


Simplify complicated processes

When a startup is in its initial phases, each stage must be handled with care and concentration. The hiring process can be tricky for the person in charge. Plus, it involves additional work.  This includes checking resumes, shortlisting, and interviews.

There are numerous channels online for hiring a suitable team of remote developers. Job boards and virtual platforms engage software developers that deal with varying niches. The website will only match individuals that fit the needs of the startup.


The worries of training and conferences decrease. Ultimately, more hours can be spent on project progress and maximizing productivity. However, good communication is necessary in the case of remote teams. Thanks to remote team management tools such as Trello, this is not something to worry about anymore


Save extra cost

According to Fundera, “Equipment costs for startups can range anywhere from $10,000 to $125,000.” With an in-house team, there can be different types of expenses. From paying rent to training costs, and utility bills, managing financial burdens can become stressful!


With the help of websites such as Gaper, building a dedicated software development team becomes less nerve-wracking. The cash that was initially spent on a multitude of office facilities and staff training flows in the right direction instead. 

Since it is the age of social media, the team leader can spend on marketing, customer attraction, and growth strategies. Being able to manage finances is an integral part of a business regardless of its size. Startups are more sensitive to changes.


Add more diversity

It is possible to attract more talent because of the endless opportunities available online. Especially for blockchain, javascript, and node, some of the best remote software engineer jobs can be found on the internet. Creating a team of diverse individuals means one can engage a larger client base. 


Remote developers might be from other parts of the world. This indicates that they might know more languages, have interesting ideas to pitch in, and have a different worldview altogether. 


This adds to team productivity. According to, “Ethnically diverse startups have higher returns.”After all, diversity allows for more evolution, especially when talking about a startup. Plus, talent does not depend on geography. 


The biggest advantage of having access to a pool of talent is that it is a budget-friendly option. Silicon Valley is full of aspiring founders and startups. One might be surprised to find talent from the most surprising locations. Yet, they have a lot to offer in terms of performance and development skills. 


Focus on main goals

For a project to proceed smoothly, the developer must be personally invested in the project. Following a mundane routine can push a person into a pattern of dullness. Coding and development require focus, concentration, and a certain level of innovation. With a remote team, people find themselves free from the problems of an office job. 


Getting up early, paying for fuel as well as reaching on time – all of these factors add to the tensions of an in-house developer. Successful remote teams are not bound by these issues. 


Communication is done with tools for remote teams such as Google Meet, Slack, Notion, etc. As a result of this, the founder can focus on the tasks at hand. 


Another interesting thing about remote teams is that no one feels the need to create a certain “image”. It is primarily about work and accomplishments. In the end, one is recognized for how they delivered their project. Say bye to the days of office politics. 



According to Statista, “North America is still a hotbed of startup activity.”This means that startups will only continue to increase in the future. With technological advances, the world shrinks even further. This exposes humans to an array of options to consider and life-changing business decisions to make. 


In such circumstances, the need for remote development teams is as high as ever. As currency values fluctuate and oil prices change, it is a necessity to have a proper plan. This should be considered so that company staff and rate of growth remain consistent. Working from home has become a normal practice for many IT experts.

Rinku Malik is a regular contributor at and, He is a digital marketer, passionate with his work, and likes to serve the services of SEO, WordPress website management, and Social media marketing.