Wednesday, February 1, 2023

3 Signs it’s Time to Schedule an Eye Exam


Do you remember your last eye exam? You don’t? Well, you are not the only one. Even though experts recommend routine eye exams on an annual basis, most of us don’t follow this. Unfortunately, we are harming our eyesight by taking eye testing for granted. With regular vision exams, you will get to know a detailed analysis of your eye health. Failing to be regular will leave you with a lack of information about the actual state of your eyesight or possible risks. In such times, your vision might require additional eyecare professional attention.

Not many people know this but your family medical history, vision changes, and other eye-related issues might be hesitant to you. One can never tell if a mild discomfort can be the beginning of a greater problem.

Besides the annual check-ups, below are few signs that shout- “Schedule an eye exam”

Changed Prescription

If you are starting to find it difficult to read the menu, books or have to squint to see clearly, take it as a serious sign to visit your doctor. It could only be a simple update on your existing vision prescription but ignoring this could lead to bigger problems.

A changed vision acuity with age is only natural. The ability to see change with age for most people. Reading glasses or progressive lenses is common in the early 40s to treat presbyopia (a medical condition that makes it difficult to focus and see close-up objects.

Merely blurred eyesight can be an indication of complicated and serious eye conditions; these include, glaucoma, cataract, and more. Therefore, getting an eyesight check-up from a professional is essential. It will make you insightful about the present state of your vision, whilst determining the cause for the vision change. Once you know what exactly your eyesight problem is, only then can you go ahead getting it treated by a professional.

Pain & Aches

If you start to experience headaches, eye strain, clearly and eye irritants then be cautious as these can be indicators for vision change or another problem that requires professional assistance.

Dry eye and eye-strain usually occur because of light sensitivity, excess screen time, and aging faction.

Excessive screen time, rising age, and light sensitivity can be the reasons for dry eye strain. Both symptoms can usually be consulted with your doctor. In most cases, they recommend blue light filter glasses for digital eye strain or maybe special eye drops for better relief.

If your headache is troubling you in the eye area particularly, it could mean that your eyes are stressed out. The reason could be anything from working long hours on a digital device, or eyes find it hard to focus. In such cases, a change in your prescription could set you for a relieving working experience. Although headache could also be a sign of more serious eye conditions, hence we recommend consulting a doctor.

Missed Annual Eye Test

It is advised to have a comprehensive eye exam annually. Although your professional would recommend it in accordance with your eye health and family medical history.

Other medical histories that are not related to the eye can also have an impact on your vision. This is why yearly exams are more necessary.

If you don’t remember when your last eye exam or it’s been more than a year, then chances are it’s time you book an appointment with a profound optician near you.

Final Words

More signs tell you to book an appointment for an eye test, but the mentioned ones are the fundamentals. Make sure to know about the family medical history before going to the test and discuss in detail for effective treatment.

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