Friday, December 2, 2022
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5 CREATIVE ideas for custom pre roll packaging for your business


In the cannabis industry, pre-rolls are the most in-demand product. To address the need and growing demand, more and more pre-rolls are being developed and launched. Of course, these products require some sort of packaging that increases their worth even more. Pre roll packaging is a phenomenal choice as it is easy to customize and personalize, keeping in view the customers’ expectations. The designing of this packaging can prove a daunting task if you ignore certain details. It requires you to maintain a fine line between aesthetics and functional aspects. If you focus on just one aspect and overlook others, you may not be doing yourself a favor.

Quality materials:

You have to make sure that the quality of pre-rolls for which you strived so hard remains the same all the time. This is only possible with a quality packaging solution that is tough and reliable at the same time. If you are thinking of manufacturing the pre roll boxes with cardboard, it is a partially correct decision. Cardboard sheets vary from the quality aspect because not all of them are sourced through high-quality wood pulp. So, a serious quality consideration is needed prior to selecting a material for packaging manufacturing. 

Keep it informative:

Quality materials are essential, but one thing that matters even more is the provision of product details to the customers. Although pre-rolls are used for recreational purposes, various details still matter to the buyers. Print some nice text or pleasant visuals that mention the potency of THC used in the pre-rolls. Be mindful of inscribing some other information as well, such as the net weight of cannabis and date of packaging for retail sale. As the pre-rolls are subject to certain packaging requirements, the printing of such information will also make your brand compliant with the law. 

Create a convenient experience:

Whether or not your custom pre rolls packaging is truly convenient will serve a great deal to assist you in serving customers better. The easier it is for them to complete their purchase and carry products to their home, the happier they will be. Assisting the customers in every way possible goes a long way in the better growth of your business. Bearing that in mind, design your custom pre roll packaging in such a way they ease the customer experience with your brand. This could be done by the simple addition of handles at the lid that is easy to grip and hold packaged items. Or, you can reduce the thickness of cardboard sheets to the extent that the box becomes completely weightless. 

Bold style and structure:

In the designing of pre roll boxes, there is simply no room for error. You cannot afford to ignore the packaging design, i.e., width dimension, length, and formation process. Depending upon the number of pre-rolls you are going to package, customize the boxes in a fitting design. When it comes to style, nothing can be more significant than boxes with transparent windows. It is a unique concept to pique the interest of potential clients with a perfect design. If one-of-a-kind unboxing is what you want, inside printing and insertion of some incentives in the form of gifts could prove useful. The boxes with trays and sleeves are also the best option to design your packaging to perfection. 

Tell your story:

As the competition is growing ferociously, the addition of promotional elements in the packaging design is now compulsory. Out of all the promotions, a brand story is a key element that has a true potential to set yourself apart from the competitors. So, do not restrain yourself from adding your brand’s story in the box design. You can make use of various visual elements such as colors, logos, graphics, and illustrations to portray your story in a fine manner. A unique story never fails to lure potential clients that is a guarantee for increased sales of your business. 

The need to have exclusive pre roll packaging is rising every day because there is not much diversity in pre-rolls. Think of some amazing ideas in your mind and bring them into life by implementing them practically. If you are unable to do that, you can always have a go at our unique design ideas. 

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