Friday, December 9, 2022
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5 Ways to Revitalize Your Out-of-Date Intranet


The greatest techniques to improve your best intranet platforms search in order to increase user engagement and pleasure.

Digital native employees, according to surveys, seek out to invest time in brands, platforms, companies, and employment that invest time in them. Consider what would happen if a job prospect spent the first 10 minutes of their interview detailing their background in retail, despite the fact that they are looking for a position in enterprise software.

“They didn’t do their research!” you’d say to yourself after a while.

They revealed information that was unrelated to the position they were interviewing for, wasting your time as you tried to figure out what questions to ask and where to locate the answers.

When employees search for the knowledge they need to complete their jobs, outdated intranet systems frustrate them by returning un-personalized, useless, and nearly incomprehensible results. Only 65 percent of employees are pleased with the capabilities of the employee portal or intranet to meet their needs at work, according to Forrester.

But where do you begin when attempting to correct the situation? To upgrade your outmoded intranet platform, you’ll require the following five fundamental skills.

Mobile-friendly design

Smartphones are approaching their 30th birthday, but the digital office appears to have missed the memo. Mobile user interfaces with responsive designs, multilingual support, and native apps should all be included in a modern intranet. The upgrading of business intranets places a premium on the employee experience. Meet them where they’re at: on their phones.

Put Analytics in the Foreground

Intranet platforms are incapable of adapting and learning to meet the needs of a constantly changing workforce. To better understand how employees get work done, stakeholders need reporting tools and use dashboards that highlight the types of material they’re engaging with most frequently.

You also have to watch out for the dreaded null results, which are searches that return “no results found.” These statistics and analytics should highlight any issues with your intranet’s search. Employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity are all linked. Learn what people require to execute their tasks well so you can continue to supply them and enhance them.

Make the Experience Your Own

Because it never stops offering us what we want to see, social media is addictive. However, how does it know what makes us keep scrolling? What content appears in our feeds is determined by comments, clicks, likes, and readership habits. This is something that any modern network should do. To deliver the best results when we search, intranet systems should identify the types of resources that individuals most regularly access and the popularity of documents within our teams. Digging through our intranet should seem more like getting things done than crawling through garbage.

Everything should be integrated.

There will be fewer in-person catch-ups and conference room meetings as a result, and more virtual talks will take place. To keep employees connected, the modern intranet should include conferencing and communication technology, as well as news feeds that showcase top social posts, team chats, and goal executions for instant updates. 

Now is the time to join the cloud.

Highly customized on-premise systems are difficult to maintain and upgrade. Intranet teams may scale the platform as the organization grows by shifting to the cloud. It eases security patching and minimizes the overall infrastructure burden, making it a safer place to keep critical information. Organizations may now combine the security and reliability of on-premises with the scalability and cost savings of the cloud. 

Using these five tactics, you could revitalize your out of date intranet platform or switch over to a better intranet system that most suits your organization’s requirements. 

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