Friday, January 27, 2023

6 Things Not To Do When Decluttering


If you want to simplify your life then decluttering is so important. Here are 6 things not to do when decluttering that will help ensure it is a success! We have been on a gradual

6 Things Not To Do When Decluttering 

Try and do it all at once

Often we get all inspired to start decluttering and set aside a day to do the whole house in one go. This will likely result in overwhelm, frustration, and just giving up. A much more manageable option is to choose a category, project, or space and tackle them one at a time. Start with some small tasks if you’re new to decluttering (like these 30-minute or fewer tasks) and gradually work your way up to the more challenging ones.

Buy storage before decluttering

It can be so tempting to go out and buy lots of fancy storage options before you start decluttering, but try and stop yourself. If you do that you’re likely to just tidy up rather than actually declutter or if you do successfully Declutter then you will have wasted money on the storage options. Do your decluttering first, and then figure out if you need any new storage to suit the items that you have decided to keep.

Leave items lying around

Once you’ve done all your successful decluttering you’re likely to have a few piles of things around your home – to be donated, sold, or thrown out. Try and deal with these as quickly as you possibly can, because leaving them lying around – even in bags or boxes – is actually still creating clutter. It’s also likely to stop you from doing any further decluttering because you never get that feeling of lightness that comes from a good decluttering session.

Think it only takes one go

When we start decluttering it often feels like we only have to do it once and then we’ll be sorted, but that’s not always the case. Often it takes a few passes through some items – sometimes over long spans of time – before you finally let go of what you don’t need anymore. You might know with your wardrobe you had a few items that survived multiple rounds of decluttering despite you no longer wearing them until you finally let them go. Come back to space every few months and Declutter again, you’ll be amazed at what you find to get rid of!

Start in an emotional state

Often we start decluttering after reaching a point of overwhelms or due to life changes, but starting in an emotional state can make it more difficult. When we’re already upset decluttering can often feel all too much, and whilst you might be enthused to get started actually finishing the task off is unlikely. Alternatively, you might find yourself disposing of things because you’re emotional that you later regret, which might stop you from decluttering again in the future. If you really need to kick off some decluttering to deal with things going on in your life, pick a space where you’re unlikely to have anything sentimental – like the kitchen drawers – and start there. You’ll get all the positive emotions of decluttering with weightless risk.

Keep things just in case

The last thing not to do when decluttering is to keep a pile of things just in case. It’s such a limiting way to Declutter and you’ll find yourself putting most things back where they came from. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s so worth it. We might even do a whole post on just in case items if you need some added inspiration!


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