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7 Best Automatic Door-Making Companies In the USA


Are you looking to purchase an automatic door for your house or business? Knowing the best manufacturers of automatic doors is a good start. 

This article captures the seven best automatic door-making companies in the United States of America. Check automatic door repair to learn more about the repairs of automatic doors.

Best Automatic Door-Making Companies In the USA

There are so many manufacturers of automated doors in the USA; most have established branches in other countries. Here are a few. 

Stanley Access Technologies 

This company offers revolving doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and swing doors which are all automated. Stanley Access Technology is a subordinate of Stanley Black and Decker. Stanley Access technology also manufactures passage doors and gates specifically for rail utilization. 

Products are available in single or telescopic sheets, which are concealed in the surface or surface mounted. 

Dormakaba Holdings

This company has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide, and they focus on inventing solutions and services in the security sector. This company deals in all types of high-quality doors that are made with sensitive security systems. 

dormakaba is a merger between Dorma and Kaba; after the merger, the business line expanded into manufacturing computerized security systems and creating a secure environment for their customers. 

Boon Edam

Spanning over 130 years of experience, this company has manufactured revolving automated doors that suit the needs of its customers. Boon Edam has since been the leading manufacturer of revolving doors due to its technological advancement in producing security doors and systems. 

They also offer maintenance services at an appreciable fee. Other products include a tripod and full-height turnstiles, access gates, and portals. The company has representatives in over 50 countries of the world. 

Assa Abloy

This company operates in over 75 countries worldwide, with a major lead in access control, entry automation, and other services. Assa Abloy manufactures sliding, revolving, swing, and door controls that have met worldwide standards.  This company focuses on producing quality security doors with sensors and energy-saving systems that can be used in stores, hospitals, and other business facilities. 



This company has existed since 1863. GEZE has since experienced technological advancement in door manufacturing. They have representatives in over 200 countries and production sites in 22 countries worldwide. 

Aside from the mass production of automated swing, revolving, and sliding doors and windows, GEZE is one company that turns old-fashioned buildings into computerized facilities. They have employed over 3,000 experts worldwide and also offer quality maintenance services. 



This company has existed for over 60 years, and it has since developed quality automated doors based on local, state, and federal standards as well as the convenience of customers. 

NABCO has designed low-energy swing doors, effective sliding doors, ICU doors, convenience windows, and folding doors. They also offer good maintenance services to customers around the globe. 

Rhinotek Entrance Solutions

Rhinotek is among the leading automatic door-making company in the USA. They produce quality revolving doors, turnstiles, sliding doors, and swing doors and also offer guidance and maintenance services.

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