Wednesday, February 1, 2023

8 Benefits of Tuina Massage


Tuina massage which literally means “pinch and pull” originates from the traditional Chinese medicine of therapeutic massage and body work. This types of massage is becoming more popular for both clients and practitioners. It is used as a form of treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony in the body.

Tuina massage therapy in CT stimulates the flow of qi which promotes balance and harmony within the body making use of the same principles as acupunture. It is similar to acupuncture in a way as it targets specific acupoints but Tuina massage therapist in CT use fingers instead of needles to apply pressure to stimulate these points.

Tuina massage is often used hand in hand with acupunture.

Here are eight benefits of Tuina massage people are discovering everyday.

  1. Neck pain reduction

Neck pain could be caused as a result of sleeping in a awkward position or poor body posture.Tuina massage therapy in CT relieves neck pain and any accompanying tightness or tension. It is an effective and safe alternative treatment to ease neck pain.

Study shows that patients who received massage treatment experienced a greater reduction in neck pain compared to those who did not get any treatment for their pain. With six sessions of Tuina massage therapy in CT over a three weeks period, this is enough to reduce neck pain.

  1. Treats depression

Tuina massage therapy in CT focuses on whole body healing as it is essential for people with depression since the causes are both physical and emotional.

A 2015 review of studies reveal that tuina massage has a therapeutic effect on depression. It was shown to be significantly more effective in reducing depression than conventional treatments.

  1. Relieves low back pain

Tuina massage therapy in CT can relieve lower back pain, especially when treatment is paired with core exercises.

Researchers have found that tuina massage was more effective when combined with core stability exercises in people with low back pain.

People who did tuina massage alone had higher rates of back pain at follow-up compared to people who incorporated core exercises to their treatment.

  1. Treats musculoskeletal disorders

Tuina massage therapy in CT  is often used to improve function and reduce pain affecting the joints, bones, and muscles.

Tuina massage therapist in CT are skilled in treating musculoskeletal disorders. The technique was shown to be effective in relieving pain, especially compared to medication and physical therapies.

  1. Promotes healthy lactation

Tuina massage is used to encourage postpartum lactation.

A study showed that tuina massage on breasts increased the quantity of lactation compared to women who received only conventional treatment.

Though no significant difference was found between the groups in terms of delaying the decrease of prolactin levels, researchers believe tuina massage could have a positive effect in this area. It could help new mothers produce greater quantities of milk more quickly.

  1. Treats osteoarthritis

The therapeutic benefits of Tuina massage therapy in CT extend to alleviating symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Tuina massage improves muscular tension of the flexor and extensor muscles in people with knee osteoarthritis. The patients received treatments three times per week over the course of nine months. After this, patients then to see improvement in pain, stiffness, and function.

  1. Addresses foot issues from diabetes

Tuina massage therapy in CT  can be beneficial for people with diabetes who have foot issues.

Studies have shown that tuina massage combined with a Chinese medicine foot bath was therapeutically beneficial for people with early-stage diabetic foot.

Individuals who received tuina massage and a foot bath in addition to conventional medicine showed significant improvements compared to people who received only conventional medicine.

  1. Improves quality of life in cancer patients

Tuina massage therapy in CT is a viable option for people with cancer who want to manage symptoms related to the disease and its conventional treatment.

When combined with acupuncture, Tuina massage therapy in CT was effective in improving quality of life in people with terminal cancer. Tuina massage was also shown to be effective in relieving stomach discomfort.


Tuina massage is a healing techniques that offers so many health benefits. If you are interested in trying it, contact a certified and licensed practitioner as Tuina massage therapist in CT

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