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8 Reasons to Choose Best Washing Machine for Your Home


Washing machines have quickly become an integral part of most Indian households. When the Indian economy opened up to global brands in the early 1990s, the washing machine was considered a luxury item for the elite few. However, it didn’t take long for the masses to grasp the several benefits that these appliances have to offer. The swift technological advancements and increased affordability led to the large-scale adoption of the washing machine. 

Widely considered to be the best washing machine manufacturer by several industry experts, Bosch washing machines were one of the pioneers of this wave of mass acceptance of this beneficial appliance. Considering the myriad benefits they extend, we can no longer do without a good washing machine. However, is it worth investing in the best washing machines available today? Through this article, we will elucidate on a few reasons why you have to invest in the best washing machine for your home.

Save Effort

One of the primary goals of any machine is to save human effort. Washing machines save a huge amount of effort as compared to the traditional method of washing clothes. With several hundreds of revolutions per minute, the washing machine can wash and dry clothes better than humanly possible.

Save Time

Not just effort, but you save on time as well. Most fully automatic washing machines require minimal human intervention once the wash cycle starts. With the hectic pace of life these days, this is a big boon for working professionals and people who need to multitask in their daily lives.

Save Money

Washing machines, while a one-time investment, help you save money in the long run. If you use any form of domestic help or professional laundry services, there is a recurring expense involved. While it might look like a small figure prima facie, when added up altogether, it can amount to a significant annual household expense. 

Instead, using modern-day energy-efficient washing machines can help you break even on your investment rather quickly. These machines are durable and built to last for several years, with the proper care.

Water Conservation

The modern-day high-efficiency washing machines use remarkably less amount of water than the erstwhile models, and also traditional hand washing methods. Some studies estimate this to be 25-30% less. With the prevalent water crisis across the globe, it is a responsible act to conserve water in all forms wherever possible.

Less Drying Time

The in-built high-speed spin mechanism in most modern-day washing machines dries your clothes to a very large extent. This is a huge bonus during the Indian monsoons or winter seasons when it can take days for hand-washed clothes to completely dry and be rid of that humid, damp smell. In fact, Bosch washing machines also have dedicated washer + dryer models which completely dry your clothes with no trace of humidity. 

Fabric Care

The best washing machines come with several sensors in place and different wash modes for different kinds of fabrics. Whether it is a heavy-duty wash or light, milder ones, the washing machine can adapt its mechanism, thus ensuring a longer shelf life for your clothes and linen.

Programmed Features

Several machines come with in-built, technologically superior features. For example,  ‘i-DOS’ is a Bosch feature in Bosch washing machines that tells you how much detergent to add based on sensing the wash load, thereby saving on detergent costs and increasing the fabric life. ActiveWater™ is another feature that helps conserve water by choosing the optimal level needed based on your wash load and leads to cost savings as well.

Noiseless Washing

One common misconception is that washing machines can be loud due to the motor and vibrations during the spin cycle. While this might have been the case in the first or second generation of this product, they have advanced technologically by leaps and bounds. Some of the bosch washing machines have noise levels as low as 65 Decibels, giving you a quiet and peaceful automatic wash while you can utilize your time for the other precious moments in life.

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