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8 tips to generate qualified Lead


The digital marketing universe popularized the term lead, which has become fundamental in marketing and sales. This occurred mainly among companies that use strategies to, through specific content, attract, relate and become relevant to potential customers, before the commercial approach. So, learn what it is and how to generate these leads through 10 essential tips.

What is a Qualified Lead

Leads are nothing more than contacts of potential consumers who left their data and their personal or professional information (such as email, name, or phone) in exchange for some reward offered by the company. From that contact, you can start a relationship with the consumer and insert them into the sales funnel until the purchase is made. 

A qualified lead is a contact that meets minimum requirements for a sale. You know that consumer who entered the store to look and didn’t take anything? Well, he is an unqualified type of lead. That is, the person entered the store because he was passing by and suddenly saw a product that caught his attention. 

That is, the qualified lead is someone who already knows they have a problem, what is the solution to this obstacle, and is considering the purchase of a product or service. Then learn how to generate them in 10 steps.

1. Offer something of value to your visitors

Visitors to your website will not share their information for free. But if they’re looking for the answers you have, offer that in return. That’s because the people who will land on your site have possibly never heard of your business and most likely know what you can offer. Therefore, offering something of value for free can act as a psychological trigger when people return the favor and share their data. So create e-books, spreadsheets, and even some kind of free consultation. This will encourage reciprocity.

Although sales funnel theory offers a standard process, no process until one customer’s sales will be the same. Let’s say, for example, you’re looking for new headphones to listen to music while you work and when you play sports. You can start by reading articles about the best headphones for those looking for quality and endurance. Soon the process of spec and price comparisons begins. Remember to have good internet providers to generate articles on platforms such as WordPress.

2. Create and optimize your conversion funnel to generate leads

The chosen headphone is the one that best fits within your sound requirements and that the value fits in your pocket, of course. This process will involve, in different ways, your contact with brands and your choice process. Now let’s say you need to install an air conditioning system in your home to improve the climate for your family. Your selection process will be different.

You will look for complaints related to the companies you have your eye on to do the installation, you will call and request a meeting and quotes. It is a long and tiring process. Based on this, you must optimize your sales funnel and define how users will reach you, what are the next steps, what tools will be used to create a lasting and trusting relationship taking into account each solution you offer.


3. Offer exclusive content

All visitors to a website/blog want is content that is relevant, enlightening and that makes them know something new. Take a look at the emails your company’s FAQ receives. Are there any doubts or questions about certain products or services? Also, search your social media and talk to customers. After all, there is no better way to get to know your customers’ pain points than talking to them directly. Based on the information gathered, create your content.

Avoid wasting time creating content that you think is relevant to your customers! You need to conquer them and not yourself. So, start producing content right now for their real needs and pains. With this, generate more leads for your sales.

4. Optimize your web pages: landing page, website, and blog

Each page of your website/blog and your landing pages deserve special attention and need to catch the user’s attention. Because all efforts to generate new leads should start with creating professional and optimized websites. Then, focus on Google. After all, there’s no point in generating traffic to your website if they won’t spend more than 10 seconds on it. 

Your website needs to be optimized to convince people to do something – whatever the action. To generate leads you need to capture a potential customer’s contact information. So, including sign-up forms, prominent buttons, flashy images, and videos. Whatever the strategy, do it. But start with the homepage and your landing page. To help Google find your site, focus on creating an optimized site.


5. Apply A/B Testing to Increase Conversions

Once you’ve created an optimized website, the work isn’t over, it’s just begun. You need to study your website and learn what works with your visitors and what doesn’t. A tip is to use a tool provided by Google itself. We’re talking about Google Optimize. It will help you understand your audience through A/B testing. With it, you can test various elements of your page. Test, for example, different CTAs (call to action). Start by using more formal language versus more informal language.

Then be direct on calls versus calls with offers for your product/service. You can also test different button colors, sizes, and shapes. Test one site with more information and then another with less information. Google Optimize will alternate the pages and at the end, it will show you which format will convert the most. It’s hard work, but it will help you avoid a lot of damage.


6. Engage your leads in a nurturing flow

Nurturing flow is a killer strategy for companies looking for more traffic and leads for their business. Within digital marketing, nurturing flow is an inbound marketing strategy that helps attract people’s attention to convert them into leads. For this, you must get a specialized digital marketing consultancy.

The nutrition flow consists of a set of emails that start to be sent as soon as the visitor enters your website or landing page and shares their information. The idea is that in each email you present subjects related to the material that your lead downloaded in exchange for the information.

You can share content from your blog, videos, spreadsheets, links inviting them to participate in webinars. There are endless possibilities, all you have to do is be relevant and not intrusive. Do this until he is ready to receive an incentive to complete a sale. Because when we learned what leads mean, what is a leader in marketing and what is sales leads, in addition to understanding the difference between a lead and a prospect, we saw that a person who has just met your brand may not be ready for purchase.


7. Create a healthy relationship with your customers

As we’ve already seen, a lead is a person or company that has agreed to share their information with a company they’ve never had contact with before. So that one day he can buy from this company, you need to build a healthy relationship with him.

But how? Engage your leads with your “charm”. They look for solutions to some kind of problem they need to solve. So, listen to what leads have to say, understand their problems, distribute relevant content and, finally, offer personalized solutions for them. At the end of your sales funnel, get in touch as soon as possible so your lead doesn’t lose interest and build a healthy and solid relationship, as we’ve seen before.

8. Invite users to your blog

Invite people to discover your blog. Because that’s where you’ll apply all your knowledge and expertise to show that you know what you’re talking about. So, create content relevant to the market in which you operate and to your customers. Try to deconstruct a problem in each content and give tips that will help leads daily. Calm down, when you share knowledge it doesn’t mean you will lose customers. Quite the opposite.

As much as people learn to do something, they prefer to hire a subject matter expert to do it. Of course, some get their hands dirty, but few have the time to make it work. Remember to share optimized content on your blog and invite people to meet you. This could be on social media or an email marketing campaign. And don’t forget to include a form at the end so you can get more leads! How to do this? Learn how to create an optimized website.

Qualified leads are the soul of digital business

Generating qualified leads is a difficult task, which needs integration between the marketing and sales teams and, of course, a lot of planning and hands-on. But we are safe in saying that generating interested leads brings much more expressive results to your company than buying mailings or generating leads in bulk. 

And remember: you don’t have to explore just one of these ways. On the contrary, combine different tools and functionality for lead generation and see your company’s results grow even faster. Also, ensure good satellite internet providers can optimize the time of work with the posts and leave them with higher quality.


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