Friday, January 27, 2023
Marin County CA Homes For Sale

Buying a Marin County CA Home – Here are a few factors to consider


Are you looking to buy a home in Marin County California, Here are a few things to consider in this unique area. What you are looking for is a Marin County CA trusted buyer agent.

Selecting an agent should not be taken lightly. There are more licensed real estate agents in California, than ever before in California. While anyone with a California real estate license can represent you when buying or selling a home anywhere in the State. There is a standard of care that the courts expect from real estate agents. Part of this standard of care is familiarity with the are. A Marin County trusted buyer agent should be expected to know details about each of the cities and towns in Marin County as well as local laws that apply to the purchase of real estate and more. So whether you are Buying a Mill Valley CA Home or a San Rafael Ca Home your agent should have a sold understanding of these areas.

  • There is no substitute for experience

Experience is your best indication that you have a trusted buyer agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of new licenses are out of the business in the first five years.

While longevity is good, the quality of that experience is also important. Does the agent you are considering using have a simple Real Estate Salesperson License or do they have a Real Estate Brokers License? A Salesperson has less knowledge and experience and must work for and be supervised by a Broker. A Broker may operate their own real estate company or work under another broker as a Broker Associate. A Broker who is a sole proprietor will have the most knowledge of all facets of the real estate business and thus better to represent their clients.

An agent who has been in the business for decades has experience in many different markets. This is useful to predict subtle changes in the market during the home buying process that a lesser experienced agent might miss.

  • Other skills and knowledge are also important.

Besides being a real estate agent representing buyers you should look for an agent that brings other skills and experience to the process. Has the agent you are considering had other related experience such as a background in architecture or building inspection that might be useful to a buyer client. A legal background as an attorney or an expert witness for the standard of care in real estate might prevent costly mistakes with complex contracts. An agent who has real estate company management or agent training experience should be more in tune with the nuances of the business than a salesperson associate or broker associate.

  • Quality

When buying a Marin County CA home it isn’t just referenced that are important, but good character. This is where your gut feeling comes in. Don’t be swayed by a fancy car or exclusive address or even the number of sales. Many times the agent selling the most in age has the least amount of time to dedicate to your home buying process. Often these high-volume agents don’t even work with buyers. They will hand a buyer off to a lesser experienced “buyers agent” that is part of their team. The character of your Marin County CA trusted buyer agent

Do your homework, interview a few agents and look for the one that will give you the best service. Then trust your gut and good luck with your house hunting.

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