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A Complete Guide to Buying Handmade Eyeglasses


Handmade Eyeglasses are available in a wide range of forms, shapes, and designs. The best thing about handmade eyeglasses is that no two pairs are ever the same due to the uniqueness of each handmade glass’s wood’s grain, color, and texture. These handmade sunglasses are perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays while looking stylish and cool, whether you’re on your way to work, doing outdoor activities in the sun, or relaxing at the beach.

Handmade glasses frames come in various shapes and colors that may be worn with every clothing and event by both men and women. Handmade Eyeglasses are getting increasingly popular due to their distinctive form and concept. They’re also environmentally friendly!

If you want to live a much more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle with style, wearing cool sunglasses with wooden sides will add to the benefits of encouraging sustainability and reducing plastic use. And if you like to be different and stand out with your style, you’ll enjoy your sunglasses.


Figure Out Your Face Shape Type and Choose the Frame Shape Accordingly

Determining your face shape is one of the essential elements to consider while selecting the ideal handmade Eyeglasses. You should be aware of at least one of the several methods for determining your facial shape. 

You can figure out your face form with erasable markers or lipstick, with the help of a ruler or scale, for example. When you know your face shape, it’s much easier to figure out which sunglasses will look best on you.


Look for Compatible Functionality

Genuine natural is used in the frames, which are then laminated and handcrafted for added longevity and a wonderful design aesthetic—the wood sunglasses polarized and UV protection help to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging UV rays. 

When selecting a pair of handmade sunglasses, make sure to consider all of the functional aspects, such as the frame’s durability, the type of hinges, and the sort of protection the sunglasses provide.


UV Shielding

It’s important to know that not every pair of sunglasses can give 100 percent protection from dangerous UVB and UVA radiation. When purchasing Handmade Eyeglasses, make sure that the model you choose provides 100 percent protection from dangerous UV rays. If you have any doubts about whether the sunglasses you bought contain this feature, you can have them checked out by your local optometrist. 


Lens’s Color

When you want to wear your cool handmade sunglasses with wooden sides for several hours in direct sunshine, the sunglass lens color is critical to consider before purchasing. The benefits and functionality of different lens hues vary depending on the situation. There are many different hues on the market, each with its benefits and features.

Dark lenses, for example, are suitable for daily activities in the sun. Dark shades in areas with bright light reduce eyestrain while also reducing glare. Try lenses with light tints, such as orange or yellow, for low to moderate lighting settings. They will provide you with quality and faultless eyesight. 



Polarization is another factor to consider when purchasing sunglasses. Wood sunglasses, which have been polarized, are excellent because they provide better protection and improve your eyesight in the sun. Polarized lenses reduce glare and dazzling reflections from windows, water, highways, snow, and other reflective surfaces. 

Polarized handmade sunglasses are the best handmade eyeglasses and are widely available, and you should have no trouble finding one for you.



When buying the best handmade eyeglasses, the price is an important consideration. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of money on sunglasses, but you should avoid low-quality options because they won’t provide the essential eye protection.

The best quality handmade eyeglasses are made of handmade glasses that differ greatly from that traditional ones. These environmentally friendly frames are stronger, more resistant, comfier, and lighter. 

When it comes to lenses, many levels of protection are available, which can have a considerable impact on the price. When you invest in a more expensive pair of handmade sunglasses, you can rest assured that your eyes will be more protected.


Bonus Tip: Cleaning the Lenses

Using a microfiber cloth is an easy and more efficient way to clean your glasses. This sort of cloth is frequently included with the sunglasses at the time of purchase. It is always recommended not to clean the dust off of the sunglasses using napkins or facial tissues. 

Avoid getting liquid on the handmade glasses frame if you use any form of spray or cleaning solution. It will keep the handmade glasses in the best possible condition and allow you to wear your sunglasses for longer periods.


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