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Civivi Knives

A Look into Great Carriable CIVIVI Knives


Anyone who wants to have an EDC knife at an affordable price should always consider buying CIVIVI knives.There is a variety of folding blade knives with beautiful designs and long-lasting abilities. Many products of the CIVIVI brand consist of flipping actions and a lock takes place on ball-bearing washers so that the lock remains stable while using. There are also some knives that have a stud action at the blade’s base. Despite the affordable price, the CIVIVI knives offer great reliability and durability. Apart from these, for many products of CIVIVI, you will have a lifetime warranty.

Background of CIVIVI Knives:

WE Knife has developed a significant reputation for producing high-quality and durable knives for the last twenty years. WE Knife is the parent company of CIVIVI knives and the purpose of founding CIVIVI was to provide easy-to-use and reliable EDC knives atan affordable price.

civivi elementum

CIVIVI Knives:

On the basis of functionality and durability, this article discusses three incredible EDC knives of CIVIVI.

CIVIVI Backlash Knives:

The Backlash model of CIVIVI is a great example of an EDC knife. This knife has a G10 handle Carbon Fiber Overlay that will help you to grip the knife comfortably. The blade length of the knife is 3.5 inches, and it can be folded into a small frame. The convenient index flipper of the knife will help you to deploy the blade very quickly. Therefore, if you want a knife for self-defense, this knife can a great option for you. In order to confirm the longevity and high quality of the blade, the spear-point blade of this knife is blended with steel and carbon. You will also have a lifetime warranty on the Backlash knives.

CIVIVI Elementum Folding Knives:

Elementum is one of the most popular knives of CIVIVI and this knife is suitable for entry-level users for its ergonomic features and design. The G-10 handle of the knife provides ample grip. Like the Backlash, Elementum has also a flipping action. The flipping action facility can be very useful for self-defense. There is also a liner lock that keeps the blade perfectly in place. In order to offer you better control over the blade, there are grippy notches and a choil at the blade’s base. The blade of Elementum is made of D2 steel with a razor-edge. D2 steel helps to improve the performance and durability of the blade.

Hooligan Line:

The Hooligan line of CIVIVI is available in four different designs such as Dark Earth, Dark Hazel, Damascus, and Snakeskin. The length of the blade of these knives is 3 inches. The Hooligan blade is also made of D2 steel. You can work with this EDC knife for a long time, and it requires occasional maintenance for sharpening the blade. The knife is compact and small. You can easily deploy the blade with your thumb stub. CIVIVI also provides a lifetime guarantee for this knife.

CIVIVI offers plenty of easily carriable pocket knives. In this article, we have discussed the three most popular and effective knives of CIVIVI and you can pick any of them that suits your preferences.

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