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Advantages of Rearing Maine Coon Cat Breeds

Advantages of Rearing Maine Coon Cat Breeds


Maine Coon is an intelligent, playful, and affectionate cat breed popularly known for its enormous size of about 10-16 inches tall and about 40 inches in length. These kitties usually weigh 8-18 pounds and have solid legs, a broad chest, and a muscular body.

These felines relate well with other cat breeds, dogs, children, and adults. It is the most loving family pet one can ever have. According to Cat Fanciers Association, Maine Coon was the fifth most popular cat breed in 2019. These kitties come in different colors; white, red, black, beige, and chocolate.

If you are considering rearing a Maine Coon as your pet, you should not hesitate. They are among the best in the A-Z cat breeds list and their benefits include the following.

  1. Low Maintenance.

Felines require less maintenance cost than dogs that need training, frequent walking, more toys, and lots of attention.

Kitties also need a smaller space to play around; hence it is economical. This means that it can survive living in your small room if you cannot afford to live in a big house.

Studies have shown that cats have low maintenance costs since they require less training, fewer toys, less grooming. Even for those with long hair, the grooming cost is lower than that of the dogs.

  1. They have long lifespan.

The most heartbreaking moment for a pet owner is losing his companion to death. You will feel so lonely since you are so used to seeing it around, playing with it, grooming it, and even talking to it. Rearing a Maine Coon cat will relieve such stress since the kitty has a long lifespan of an average of 12 years. Some may even live longer till 18 years or even 20.

  1. Felines Are Quiet.

If you are busy doing your things and the cat is around, you are assured that it will cause no disturbance since they are not noisy.

They will meow quietly when hungry, and when you serve them food, they will be quiet and allow you to concentrate on your job. If you don’t love a lot of noise and do not appreciate distractions, a pussy is the best option for you to keep as a pet in your home.

If you also have minor children asleep during the day, you will be sure that the pussycat will not make too much noise that will awaken your child.

Even at night, when you are sleeping, and it feels like joining you in bed, it will walk silently without waking you up. You will not even notice it is with you. Read some more tips here

  1. Prevent Allergies.

You probably already know that the cat’s hair causes allergies. However, when a child is exposed to the feline’s hair in its first few years of life, it will develop immunity against the allergies caused by the pussycat’s hair. The immunity developed is strong enough to help fight other allergens in the surrounding environment.

  1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

Losing a loved one can be extremely painful to cope with. Talking to your cat can help you reduce the pain and stress.

It actually will be of great help since pussycats are excellent listeners. As much as they cannot reply to whatever you are talking to it about, sometimes knowing you are being listened to and pouring your heart out is all you need for your stress and anxiety to be reduced.

Scientific evidence also proves that a cat purr can help alleviate pain, reduce stress, anxiety and can help lower blood pressure to prevent strokes and heart attacks. If you are also having a bad day, playing with your cat can turn it into a good one.

That one secret you have been keeping for a long time and don’t know who to tell, you can talk to your cat about it. Your secret will be in a better place, and also, it is better to talk to your kitty about it because it will not judge you as some humans will.

Advantages of Rearing Maine Coon Cat Breeds

  1. Cats Fulfill Our Need for Companionship.

Everyone wants companionship; getting a kitty will be of much use if you cannot get that from humans.

They reduce feelings of loneliness and provide you with all the company you need. There is a famous stereotype that dogs provide better company than cats. Well, it is just a stereotype. Cats and dogs are affectionate pets that provide closeness, sometimes even more incredible than humans do.

A study conducted to establish the relation between cats and humans’ reveals that felines provide companionship similar to a romantic male partner. Apart from initiating contact almost all the time, the cat tends to remember the kindness shown to it and will return the favor one day.

Kitties appreciate the human relationship. After over a thousand years of being reared at homes as pets, cats have learned to half purr and produce a cry similar to a human’s child. Since our brains have been programmed to respond to a child’s agony, it is impossible to ignore a feline when it wants something. Click here for more tips.


As earlier discussed, kitties are very beneficial to us. Apart from providing companionship, they also have health benefits such as; helping reduce pain, stress, and anxiety, preventing allergies, and improving your cardiovascular health.

To enjoy all these advantages, ensure you take great care of your feline by; consistent grooming, providing new litter boxes, giving it a balanced diet, and providing it with a safe environment. You can make your relationship fun by; playing hide and seek, blowing bubbles, setting up a food treasure hunt, and be using an app to guide you.

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