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All About Blue Meanie Mushroom strain


Recreational substances have been a prominent part of many societies. People consumed such products for various reasons. Marijuana, tobacco, and mushrooms are some of the common types of natural drugs that are available in various forms. In some regions, these products are not legal to be used for recreational purposes. But with a proper prescription given by a doctor, the patients can take all the benefits of these natural substances. 

Out of these substances, mushrooms can be utilized in their purest natural condition. Unlike marijuana and tobacco that have to be converted into a smokable item, mushrooms can be directly eaten. Though there are other ways of taking these addictive products. These mushrooms are different from the vegetable that we find in the supermarkets. That is why people have developed unique techniques to consume these euphoric products. 

From roasted and cut into tiny pieces to assimilating as a powdered format in food, this type of mushroom is ingested in several ways. One of the most popular is Blue Meanie Mushroom strain that can have numerous effects on the human body. This is a highly potent substance that can be difficult to find in some regions. 

In this article, we have covered the different topics related to Blue Meanie Mushroom strain. With this information, one can understand certain aspects of these mushrooms that can help them grow these wonderful products or purchase them from the market. 

General Description 

The name of the Blue Meanie Mushroom strain is derived from two separate mushroom types. The first one is PsilocybeCubensis and the second one is PanaeolusCyanescens. The latter one is the primary form of the Blue Meanie Mushroom strain

Apart from the nomenclature of this substance, the basic purpose remains the same. A person can utilize this mushroom for medical or recreational reasons. Medical treatment is given after the proper diagnosis of an individual’s health. This procedure is required to be conducted by a medical professional. For recreational purposes, a person can purchase this product from the market. 

The shape of a Blue Meanie is like any other type of mushroom. It has a brown or yellowish top with a web-like structure below the cap. Though, you can find this strain to be of various colors, shapes, and sizes. On top of that, Blue Meanie Mushroom strain is a lot potent than other strains in the P. cubensis category of mushrooms. 


Blue Meanie Mushrooms can be eaten like any other food. They can be combined with other food items as well. When eaten in raw form, the chemicals are absorbed in a more concentrated way. It is completely a personal preference on how these mushrooms can be ingested. 

The basic functionality of such substances is to create a euphoric effect. Once digested properly, the effects can last for a long time. People have been observed to be in a different mental state for up to five hours. Still, the reaction of chemicals is different for each individual. 

Additionally, Blue Meanie Mushroom strain is quite addictive as it directly impacts the nervous system of the body. A person might perform certain tasks more efficiently after taking these substances. That is why some regions have banned these mushrooms from any offline or online shops. Make sure to properly check your state laws before purchasing these products. 


The number and type of effects are vastly related to the physiology and mental state of a person. A few common symptoms experienced by people are:

  • Enhancement in visual perspective of surroundings. 
  • Feeling more energetic and able to work for many hours. 
  • Change in the physical aspect that results in faster completion of tasks. 
  • Become consciously more aware.
  • Elevated feelings and a sense of euphoria. 


Even a single milligram of Blue Meanie Mushroom strain can induce several sensations in your body. So, if someone wants to just experience this product, then start with a light dose. You can go to the smallest size while taking Blue Meanie Mushroom strain. A milligram is more than enough for an introductory dose. Within an hour of taking these mushrooms, the symptoms will kick in. These symptoms will intensify as time goes by. 

Furthermore, the proper dosage also depends on various other factors like size, age, and experience level. But one should always be careful while taking this product due to its high potency. 

How Can You Purchase?

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