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All You Need To Get Started With Permanent Makeup in Colorado


Several reasons can lead one to consider permanent makeup. One of them includes waking up with a full face beat with no stress or time wasted. With permanent makeup, you can have the perfect eyeliner, full brows, and tinted lips for years with no need to keep buying cosmetic products.

But what exactly does permanent makeup entail? It is a safe tattoo procedure that comprises eyebrow tattoo, lip blushing, and permanent eyeliner. Although considered safe, you need to use a specialized and reputable establishment as complications can quickly arise due to the sensitivity of the face.

Read on to know more about these significant areas of permanent makeup.

Eyebrow Tattoo Colorado

Are your eyebrows overplucked, or do they naturally look thin? Well then, you need to consider getting an eyebrow tattoo Colorado. The modern-day eyebrow tattoo in Colorado leaves you with perfectly colored and natural brows that will accentuate your face. 

A not-so-painful, semi-permanent type of eyebrow tattoo in Colorado is microblading. Here, the tattoo artist uses a needle to apply pigment and create super-thin, hair-like strokes that make the brows look fuller. However, since it is semi-permanent, eyebrow tattoo starts to fade after a year or two. But if you want to, you can get a touch-up once in a while to maintain your beautiful self.

Lip Blushing Denver

If you do not like the idea of lip fillers, but you would love full lips with the right lip color of your choice, then lip blushing may be for you. Lip blushing in Denver refers to the process whereby a makeup tattoo expert uses needles to deposit pigment on your lips. 

A lip blushing technique leaves your lips looking full, natural, and well-defined. During the process, numbing cream reduces the pinches you will feel. Immediately after, the lips may appear dry and tender, but the dryness disappears after a week or less.

Permanent Eyeliner Colorado

Ever had a perfect eyeliner that didn’t smudge or run? With permanent eyeliner, you can continuously recreate the look that eyeliner gave you. The length of time a permanent eyeliner Colorado stays on your skin depends on how fast your skin absorbs the pigment and on the aftercare you show it. It can last from one to three years if you minimize the eye makeup you use on that part of the face.

Before Booking an Appointment for Permanent Makeup

If you consider going for either or all of the above-mentioned permanent face makeup, here are a few tips to guide you.

  • Do your research

This is the face we are talking about. It is not a random body tattoo that you can cover with clothes any day you choose to. So, you need to research the best aesthetician that can perform the procedure to your satisfaction. The specialist of your choice should have the experience, training, and licensing required. Ask for before and after pictures of past clients. And if possible, ask to see these clients and speak with them.

  • Work with a licensed expert

A licensed specialist is best to avoid complications and infections with unclean or unsterilized equipment.

  • Visit your dermatologist

Before any face procedure, consult your doctor to discuss any allergic reactions that the pigments may trigger. Your doctor will also advise you on things you should stay away from to avoid over-sensitizing your skin before the procedure.

Post-Application Care for Permanent Makeup

To maintain your eyebrow tattoo and keep them lasting for a long time, here are some tips to follow.

  • Some swelling and tenderness are normal at the initial stage. However, healing sets in soon, and the swelling dissipates.
  • Keep the treated area clean and sterile for the first one week after the procedure to prevent infection. 
  • Avoid applying makeup over the area until the skin heals
  • Do not scratch the area. Instead, dab it with a moist clean pad when it itches.
  • Expect a lightness in the pigment shade and intensity after the first few weeks.


Any of these permanent face makeup will set you back by about $500 to $1500, depending on your geographical location. And future touch-ups will also cost extra. If you cannot afford it, there are very genuine makeup products you could go for. However, if you are tired of spending on products or don’t have the time to groom your face every day, permanent makeup is a good step.

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