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All You Need To Know About Cannarado Genetics, Mephisto Genetics And Glue GG4 Strain


Cannarado Genetics has been in business since 1998 and now houses some of the best genetics on the market. Given that their genetics cater to nearly every type of consumer, it’s no surprise that Cannarado has maintained a consistent reputation among cannabis growers and consumers. Cannarado Genetics’ core values revolve around providing the industry with high-quality genetics. Cannarado has been a leading genetics company since its inception, so they know what they’re doing.

Being a Colorado native has provided Cannarado Genetics seeds for sale with numerous opportunities in the nascent medical and recreational cannabis markets. Cannarado has seen a lot in the industry, which has led them in different directions. They made their first cross in 1998, when a friend brought back some seeds from Amsterdam.

Cannarado’s first cross was Pot of Gold x Shiva Shanti. Cannarado Genetics is well-known in the industry for their outstanding strain collection. To be sure, being in the heart of the massive Colorado market helps with brand awareness and consumer engagement!

Cannarado Genetics, on the other hand, has their processes down pat, and it shows in the consistent quality of its strains. When looking through Cannarado Seed strains, you’ll notice that they’re divided into three genetic lineups: Grape Pie, Frozen Margy, and Lemon Tree. They are the sole father plant for every cross in each of these strains’ collections.

Since then, there has been a steady progression of ideas and creation. Cannarado Genetics has worked the plant in every way possible, from backcrosses to filial generations. They’ve done it all: feminized and regular crosses. Decades of experience have led Cannarado here to showcase the world’s most unique strains.

The goal of mephisto genetics seeds for sale is to create and develop one-of-a-kind, high-potency, and high-quality automatics derived from sought-after photoperiod varieties from start to finish. Mephisto Genetics uses strains from all over the world to create the best exclusive clones. It seeks out rare seeds in order to create something new.

These strains were developed from our existing lines of Mephisto autos, which were out crossed to high quality photoperiod strains and re-worked into automatics over four generations. We will begin by releasing four strains, which will include auto versions of skywalker og, grape stomper og, the livers, and other strains.

Many strains have strange and wonderful origin stories, but the roots of Gorilla Glue are less fortunate, if still fascinating. There are a few different versions of Gorilla Glue available these days, but GG #4 is the one we’ll be focusing on here. The name of this award-winning strain may come from the stickiness of its trichomes, and their tendency to ‘glue’ scissors together during the trimming process, but it was created by chance, and the frustration of one breeder – Joesy Whales – who threw out the original seeds after his first run all ‘hermied’ and ruined his entire crop.

Fortunately for us, his friend Marrdog rescued a few of the first batch and grew them himself a year later. Four phenotypes emerged, with #4 being deemed the best. Thus, Original glue gg4 seeds was saved from oblivion and launched into the world, where it has won awards and a plethora of admirers. Its popularity is growing due to its effectiveness as a medical strain, particularly for those seeking pain relief and relaxation. Its pungent earthy and sour aromas, as well as its fresh, piney flavor, are inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel.

However, the awards for GG#4 are not solely based on its flavor and aroma. The ability of GG#4 is the foundation of its success to be a strain for every occasion. The name Gorilla Glue was coined to honor its stickiness, but it also accurately describes some of the effects this strain can have. GG #4 can just as easily glue you to the sofa and dry your mouth as it can glue your scissor blades together. Its indica ancestry shines through strongly in this regard, and it should not be underestimated.

Having said that, GG#4 is still a hybrid, and reviews of this strain have emphasized how focused it can be despite the deep couch lock. This may feel like a pure indica in the body, but it’s all Sativa in the head.

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