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how to clean silicone
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All You Need To Know About How To Clean Silicone


Be an informed and passionate lover and learn how to clean silicone with Silicone Lube. Don’t wait for that silvery spot to form on your favorite piece before you get down and dirty! Be responsible when it comes to your intimate playtime – don’t wait for that silvery spot to form – get busy now! You’ll be glad you did once that spotty silicone spot disappears. It’s a very sensual silky color and a sight to behold.

Be responsible when it comes to cleaning your silicone lube and sheets. Don’t wait for the sheets to go bad or for the sheet to begin to smell like an old VHS tape. Make a commitment to keeping your personal delicate bits clean – in particular, your toys! That would set a tornado in your life, for sure! So knowing how to clean your silicone sheets is not enough – you must get into the habit, as well!

Benefits of Remove Silicone

Silicone sheets are made to feel smooth and comfortable against one’s skin. As such, it can be tempting to lounge around on them while watching the world go by, or even to throw them in a hot bath when the mood strikes. Both of these things are wrong. While Silicone Lubes can make a great base to play with when you’re just starting out. And they leave behind a light sheen, hot water will permanently stain the sheets. So when you wash your silicone sheets, use only warm water. If you have no knowledge about how to clean silicone then you can read post on it.

Hot water is best when cleaning silicone, because the heat seals the plastic and seals in those all-important stains and bacteria. If you soak the sheets in a solution of hot water, pour in a cup or more of Laundry Detergent and mix thoroughly. Then wrap them up and put them into the washing machine (or dryer, if you’re worried about a few stubborn stains) for five to ten minutes. After this, fold them carefully in foil, and let them air dry.

This is a good second step when cleaning your silicone. When the solution has dried, take a clean towel, dip it in some Laundry Detergent. Also, gently pat your silicone over the entire surface, making sure to cover all surfaces, including the ones that don’t need cleaning. This ensures that the next time you wash your silicone. You’ll have a clean cloth to touch up any spots that you might have overlooked. It also makes it much easier to see what you’re getting into when you wear the lingerie, and helps you figure out which parts need to be washed first.

Things to know about silicone

Now that you know how to clean lube, the most important thing to remember is to care for them right away after use! Never put them in the microwave or hang them from a piece of clothing before you take them out of their packaging. While the toy is supposed to be pre-cooled, and kept in a plastic sleeve to keep from heating up too much. In reality this heat will cause damage to the delicate materials. After just a few days of use, you should carefully lay your silicone toys on a clean cloth to remove any build-up. That may have occurred as a result of being placed in the microwave or hung to dry.

One of the best silicone deodorizers for sensitive skin is baking soda, available in most pharmacies and janitorial supply stores. Mix the baking soda with some soapy water until a paste form, and apply it to the entire surface of the silicone. Rub the baking soda into the stains on the silicone, working from the outside inwards, working your way towards the middle. This will help you remove tough stains, and leave a soft, smooth surface. Read more health and wellness related posts here.

Final Words

Silicone oil is the best ways to remove lube from stainless steel, or any other type of metal. Since it contains a natural lubricant. However, since stainless steel is more likely to contain oil from welding. You will want to use a different method than those for removing lube from ceramic, glass, or plastic materials. Apply a small amount of silicone-based lube spray, and rub the sides and bottom of your container with a paper towel. Let the excess spray dry, then gently wipe the container with another paper towel, and leave it to dry.

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