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How to Registered Amazon MyTV on tv 2023


Click here to sign up with the code on your device or TV via and enjoy watching Amazon Prime Video. – Go to and create your Amazon account. If you already have one, log in with your Amazon account. Enter the activation or verification code that appears on the screen of your TV. –

Turn to the Smart TV. On the home screen you can go to the Amazon Prime App, or If you don’t have it, download it from the app store or the play store. Then, launch the app and select the login page. Once you have received an amazon code. Go to and enter the Amazon activate codeon your laptop or smartphone. Enter the code and then click the enter button. The code will be displayed on your television. Watch your favourite shows on the go.

Following the Amazon online store It is also known for its premium streaming service for video Amazon Prime. The greatest aspect of Amazon prime is it’s accessible on a variety of devices, including iPhones smartphones, iPhones as well as smart TVs, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TVs and Android TVs.

For more information continue reading until the very end without missing any steps:

Simple Steps for Amazon Steps for action

  • Enter the Smart Television app Store
  • Go to “Streaming Channel” Channel Store
  • Download and install “Amazon Prime”
  • Launch the program and view the “Publish code for actuation”
  • Proceed to in your own PC.
  • Enter”actuation code” or “actuation code” in your own TV’s screen.
  • Visit on a internet browser on your computer or mobile.
  • Enter the required information and sign in to your Amazon Prime Account.
  • Choose your TV provider’s network [cablecable.
  • After confirmation the device will be associated with an Amazon Prime account.

This could be enough to enable Amazon prime for your device that streams However, if you’re having any other issues, you can contact our customer service executive via our chat feature.

Follow the steps below on how to start your trial free of Amazon Prime Video:

  • Visit Amazon and click on Amazon Prime on the left-hand edge of your screen.
  • Make an account if you do not possess yet an Amazon account, you can create one using your personal information along with your preferred payment methods. If you already have you have an Amazon account and you are upgrading to Prime then sign in.
  • Begin your trial.
  • Enter your “Authentication Code”sent to your phone on the website.
  • When you’ve filled in all the required information and then continue, you’ll be eligible to sign up for the Amazon Prime subscription for free.
It’s simple to watch Prime Video on your device.

The Smart TV, also known as Blu-Ray Player

  • If you find that the Amazon Prime Video app isn’t already installed in the Smart TV or Blu-ray player you can download it through the app store on your device.
  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video app and login with you Amazon Prime or Prime Video account.
  • Choose a film or TV Show, and then start streaming.
Streaming Media Player

  • Start your Prime Video app. If the application isn’t already installed then the app can be downloaded through the app store.
  • You can register your player’s streaming media by using one of two methods:
  • Choose “Sign in and watch” to input your login details direct on your mobile device.
  • Select “Register at Amazon” on Amazon Website” to get an email with a 5-6 character code.

Game console

  • If you find that the Amazon Prime Video app is not installed for your device, you can download it from your console’s application store.
  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video app and sign in using you Amazon Prime and Prime Video account.
  • Select a TV or movie Show to stream and begin streaming.

IOS Phone or Tablet

  • Visit the Apple app store on your device, and get Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Start the Amazon Prime Video app and login with you Amazon Prime or Prime Video account.
  • Select a TV or movie Show and stream directly via the app.

Android Phone or Tablet

  • Visit your Google Play app store on your device and install an app called Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Launch the Amazon Prime Video app and sign in using you Amazon Prime and Prime Video account.
  • Select a film or TV Show and stream directly via the app.

Google Chromecast

  • On on the Prime Video app, select the icon for Cast.
  • Choose which Chromecast device you wish to use. Be aware that your iOS, as well as Android device, needs to connect to the exact Wi-Fi connection that is used by your Chromecast.
  • Choose the title you wish to watch. The one you choose will be shown on the television that Chromecast is connected to. Chromecast has been connected to.



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