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Barbarian 5E Class Guide – A Simple Guide to Barbarian


The classic barbarian class has been around long enough to be timeless and therefore has received a number of improvements since its first conception. The original barbarian archetype has been represented in countless RPGs (and many World Of Warcraft titles) and has always been the staple choice for a fighter class. The most complete run-of-the-mill barbarian has been around ever since the dawn of the advent age and represents the staple class for all bruisers in any MMORPG. However, the standard barbarian has a few flaws that make them less than perfect. Here are my suggestions for how to improve the class in any campaign.

Barbarian 5e builds up:

First, let’s start with how the barbarian 5e builds up. Like a typical half-orc, this character begins at level 10 with no proficiencies or class features. Once hit by a melee attack, the Barbarian loses his weapon and may only wield weapons held in his hands. This means that his statistics are very poor at early levels; strength and dexterity scores are tied with strength, and dexterity counts for only one action (stepping or lunging) instead of two. The result is that the Barbarian suffers from low dexterity, poor physical resistance, and slow movement speed.

Luckily, the Barbarian does have several fantastic offensive capabilities. First, his damage-dealing ability allows him to easily clear away enemies with two to three successful melee attacks. Some other Barbarian talents increase damage while decreasing damage is taken, making him excellent at keeping his allies alive and well while they deal damage to the enemy. An especially useful talent for new players is Hit Bonus, which doubles the hit chance of all members of the Barbarian class in combat.

Best part of Barbarian 5e:

Arguably the best part of Barbarian 5e is its weapon expertise, which allows it to take on enemies head-on. Barbarian’s primary weapons, the mace, and axe, do not offer much in the way of versatility, but each of them can be traded in for a different weapon as your character advances. The mace can be traded in for a rapier, and the axe can be traded in for a battle axe. The two weapons can then combine into the Battle Axe, which provides extra damage and two-handed weapon expertise that are superior to other weapons in the game. Barbarian also has access to several other excellent weapons that improve their damage and utility with less work than the aforementioned weapons do.

Barbarian’s greataxe is the bane of many Rogues:

The Barbarian’s great axe is the bane of many Rogues. It deals extra damage on every hit and is a better weapon for rangers and other front-line roles than the axe. In particular, this weapon deals the maximum amount of damage in a single blow, allowing it to quickly eliminate multiple foes. For this reason, the Great Axe is a fantastic choice for melee characters who want to quickly dispatch multiple opponents. While it is a strong weapon in close combat, due to the large damage output it delivers, it does not have the reach of other weapons.

Barbarian 5e classifies its abilities into three trees. At first, you can specialize in a Fury, allowing you to unleash a series of rapid swings and attacks. The second tree is the Invoker, which grants bonuses based on your current rage level. Finally, the third tree is the Shaman. Which allows you access to a variety of totems and abilities that restore and/or deal damage.

Play a wide range of roles:

Barbarian 5e can play a wide range of roles, filling both ranged and melee combatant roles with ease. Because of the nature of their abilities, and their reliance on rage, they can also fill tanking roles; though not as successfully as a warrior. In most builds, Barbarian 5e warriors focus on tanking abilities. Using shields and barriers to protect themselves and their allies from enemies. And using their massive offensive capabilities to kill their foes quickly and efficiently.


Barbarian 5e class guides will provide you with all the information. You need to play this unique beast of a class. Take the time to learn everything. There is to know about Barbarian damage and defense and consider whether. Or not the specialized skills are worth the time and devotion required to use them. Once you get a few builds rolling. You’ll be able to crank out an abundance of offensive and defensive spells. A fraction of the time and effort of other classes!

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