Thursday, December 1, 2022
private firearms training in North Carolina

Basic Gun Safety Rules


Guns save and take lives. They are as fascinating as they are dangerous, and should be respected. Every gun owner must develop safe habits to protect themselves and others. You will need firearms training to inculcate safety and develop the right attitude and habits around firearms.

While you shouldn’t go near, talk less of touching a gun without the training, this blog only gives a snippet of what happens during general or private firearms training in North Carolina. Here are some basic gun safety rules. 

Always point the muzzle in a safe position.

The only time you should aim for a gun is when you intend to shoot.  The safest position for your gun muzzle is downwards or pointed to the sky. This way, other people or objects are not within the gun’s range.

Always unload your gun when not in use.

Always unload your gun when you are done with it. If someone hands you a gun, you should check to see if it is loaded before you do anything else. You should also be careful of the way you carry yourself when you are with a loaded weapon. Avoid awkward movements like climbing, jumping, or crawling. You are not in the Navy Seal- you are a civilian.

Keep your gun in a secure location.

This is perhaps one of the most critical gun safety rules. You may know how to handle and use a gun, but if you don’t store it correctly, you can endanger others. Sadly, many children lose their lives every year due to unintentional shootings. Since most people keep their guns at home, you should invest in a secure safe and always have it unloaded while in storage.

Don’t touch the trigger unless you want to shoot.

yourself holding a gun, how does it feel? Powerful, doesn’t it?

Where is your index or pointer finger? At the trigger, right? – We thought so.

While this is an iconic pose for actors, handling a gun this way is extremely dangerous. Your ‘trigger finger’ should never touch the trigger unless you want to shoot something or someone.  If you observe law enforcement officers, you will notice that their fingers are close to the trigger, but never on it.

Always wear protection.

Movies make you underestimate how loud guns are. A small rifle can produce nearly 140dB of noise, while bigger ones can reach 175dB. To put things into perspective, fire alarms create 97 dB of sound, while a plane taking off at 33 ft from you produces 30dB of noise.  Exposure to loud noise can easily damage your eardrums, cause anxiety and trigger PTSD. If you are shooting in a range of wilderness, it is not badass to go without protection-it is juvenile.


Although it is your constitutional right to own a firearm, you are prohibited from buying one without training on safety and handling. Without the education from your firearms training and Kannapolis Concealed Carry Class in North Carolina, you can put others in danger.

If you intend to buy a gun to protect yourself or your family, you should enroll in a firearms institute.

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