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Best IG Tools To Help You Grow Your Audience and Following


It’s not difficult to to see the enormous potential and potential traffic on Instagram to increase your reach and establish your online presence. Instagram is among the most effective digital platforms available for both brands as well as influencers.

With more than two billion users active on Instagram, small-scale businesses and brands have an immense chance to increase their following on Instagram. In this article, we’ll examine the best IG tools to help expand your following and followers and assist your business to gain the attention it needs to succeed.

Let’s jump right into it!

Different Types of IG Tools

Before we get into the myriad of tools and apps that will aid you in managing the size of your Instagram following and boost your reach, we must outline the different IG tools accessible to you.

Instagram Tools are third-party applications and programs installed on top of Instagram to assist you in gaining an increase in followers interactions and grow on Instagram as an influencer or brand.

IG tools are intended to aid you in automatizing some of the tedious tasks needed to increase your fan base.

These are only one of the many Instagram marketing tools at present available for you to make use of to increase your followers on Instagram.

Instagram Photo and Video Editing Tools


Boomerang is one of the most well-known Instagram editing tools available. It lets users make cool looping effects on videos and photos. It can give your photos and videos an individual twist.


The prequel is an excellent application that lets you create filters and special effects to keep you fashionable on Instagram. Prequel offers both a paid and free version. If you pay for the app, you can also alter the look and feel of your images and videos.

Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe is well-known not just for Photoshop but also for Premier Rush. This Adobe Premier Rush application lets you shoot videos and photos with your smartphone and then professional edit them with your own features such as subtitles, music, and subtitles and push them directly the content to IG. Adobe Premier Rush has a more difficult learning curve. However, it offers it has more features and options than any other app.

Instagram Tools for Automation


If you’re looking for an an application that can automatize all of your tasks, such as likes posts, follow-ups, posts, and so on. Then Instacaptain is the best way to choose. It is important to know that it is more likely to be against the rules of Instagram.


Mentionlytics is an effective tool on IG to allow you to access your business, mention specific keywords, competitions hashtags, and more. Mentionlytics can also be used to identify influencers with particular interests and boost sales leads.

Another benefit of Mentionlytics is that it can be used in conjunction with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Youtube. It allows you to track the mentions of your brand across various platforms and understand the most efficient channel beyond Instagram.


Hootsuite is an amazing IG tool for scheduling that will aid you in automatizing your posting schedule while allowing you to manage everything from one place. You can totally customize the way you plan your IG posts, and they provide you with the ability to edit and modify your videos and images directly within their platform. https://www.youtube.com/embed/zSwG72IYDRw


SocialPilot is another excellent tool to automate and plan posts on Instagram. Instagram posts. There are many options for you to schedule Instagram posts and options to curate content. Watch the video to to learn how to connect SocialPilot using the account you have on Instagram. Instagram account.

Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram Insights

Individual creators, as well as Instagram corporate accounts, are able to access analytics via Instagram Insights. Primary analytics data gives you some statistics about your followers’ performances and performance.

Instagram Insights is a fantastic method to get engaged with your engagement data, so you can determine the things that are working and which are helping you gain more followers.

HootSuite Analytics

HootSuite Analytics provides analytics that is far deeper than traditional data and analytics that can be directly accessed via Instagram Insights.

You can run reports from the past that provide complete information about your followers, engagement with posts, social sentiment, and much more. It’s designed for individuals and businesses who want to increase their reach on IG.


Iconosquare is different in comparison to the different Instagram analytical tools. It’s designed to give a complete analysis of your IG account and its performance.

The audit is completely free and offers important information about your performance metrics and ways you can enhance this. Iconosquare provides tools for analytics and scheduling to help you expand your reach on Instagram.

Instagram Hashtag Tools #


Keyhole is an Instagram tool designed to provide you with an accurate measure of performance behind the use of hashtags. Certain hashtags can be more effective than others, and Keyholes functions and features will assist you in identifying which hashtags are most efficient that you should use for your particular niche.


Panaramiq is a tool that is available through Hootsuite and assists in adding Instagram analysis to the dashboard. It will help you find hashtags that have the potential for high ROI in order to grow your Instagram account organically.

The most important highlights include:

  • Hashtag and monitoring of competitors
  • Post analytics for competitor and hashtag
  • IGTV videos and discovery of hashtags
  • Customized keyword searches that assist you in identifying new markets

Below is a helpful user guide for Panoramiq and how to make the most of the app. It’s easy to use and will allow you to discover the untapped potential of Instagram.


ShortStack is an excellent tool that can show you the most popular trending hashtags being used by users to assist you in creating content that is in line with the latest trends and interests. One of their greatest features is to assist marketers in tracking the outcomes of contests for hashtags on social media. You can also keep track of of your own hashtags and compare them to other hashtags’ performance.

Instagram Tools for Bio Links


Linktree can probably be the most well-known tool to create bio links for Instagram users. It’s utilized by celebrities and other influential influencers to redirect users to their preferred website.

Linktree offers a wide range of ways to integrate with other tools and analytics that can aid in understanding where the bulk of your clicks originate from and what percentage of them are resulting in sales.


Milkshake is a free application that lets users create their own mobile-style landing pages that are identical to the way stories appear. Milkshake also gives you the option to modify your links and build your own storefront online that will help you create an online business that is compatible with your style and brand.

Sked Link

Sked Link is extremely powerful in aiding you in managing the bio link. It will help you design various button styles as well as a range of buttons that can be fully customized. It can also be integrated with Sked Social, so when people go through your posts that have been published, they will be able to browse your bio and visit your site to purchase products.

Instagram Stories Tools


Canva is an excellent application to assist you in creating stunning and innovative Instagram stories. They are huge graphic design software and applications that allow you to create many more than Instagram stories. They come with a vast content library and custom templates that allow you to create incredible graphic designs and Instagram stories.

Start Free Trial Canva


Impresso is another fantastic tool to create stunning Instagram stories. It offers simple and quick templates to utilize and an extensive library of templates and images that you can put to create your own story.


Unfold is another app that can assist you in creating incredible Instagram stories, but with a unique twist. There are also options to to assist you in creating small-scale mobile websites with Squarespace. This is an excellent option for developing an account with your personal Instagram stories and developing a storefront interim.

Instagram Scheduling Tools


IconoSquare is a tool for Instagram scheduling and provides full-scale Instagram performance analytics to give you an advantage. They let you automate single-image posts as well as videos.


Buffer is a fantastic tool to schedule and analyze your content’s effectiveness and much more. There are also options for creating customized Instagram campaigns, creating reminders to plan posts in advance, and receiving notifications for posts to be posted natively. They’re a great starting application to use with Instagram to help automate the scheduling of your posts.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you the possibility of integrating not just Instagram for scheduling posts as well as other sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. They allow you to design a publishing plan and a strategy to assist you in organizing your posts across various platforms using its visual calendar.

This could be a massive time saver when it comes to controlling your social marketing on the internet and establishing the future publication schedule for your brand.

Instagram Tools for Finding Influencers


Awario is an effective Instagram tool that can help you locate influencers you can work with. It is a crawler that crawls Instagram pages and then locates Instagram users who have mentioned specific keywords, hashtags, brands, and much more. It estimates how many users could be viewing the posts.

After it’s finished crawling, it will present you with an inventory of Instagram influencers who fit into your field that you could connect with for collaboration.

They are a fantastic source to help you locate influential people in your field. Influencers who are influential will help your company gain recognition.


Klear is a powerful tool to assist you in getting to know influencers. They’ve designed a platform that can help you identify influencers who are right in your industry.

It’s a fantastic platform to locate influential people and see the size of the audience they can reach, as well as what they will charge for an endorsement or sponsored content. In addition, they assist you in identifying the interests of your audience and interests, geographical area, age group, genders, and others.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach is a fantastic tool that can assist you in finding Instagram Influencers in various categories. They offer incredible categories of influencers that you can test to narrow your search. Types of influencers you’re searching for.

Find an influencer who is in your particular niche. You can click on their profile page and then look through the Instagram bio page. Once you’re there, you can directly get in touch with the person.

Instagram Ad Management Tools

IG Ad Manager

Many people are aware of how Facebook controls Instagram. Ads manager is the advertising platform shared by IG and Facebook and is responsible for assisting users in creating various types and types of ads.

The Ads Manager is a complete advertisement solution to your Instagram account. It will help you create strong pay-per-click marketing campaigns. The campaigns allow you to reach new customers audiences, as well as those who have a desire to read your content.

The ads manager lets you:

  • Manage and track your advertising budget
  • Monitor and control your conversions
  • Create leads and increase sales of products
  • Increase your reach and follower base.

It’s a great option when you have money to invest in growing your following quickly instead of waiting on organic growth strategies.


These are only some of the diverse IG tools available to you to help expand your audience. Begin with one tool, then look into the various functions that it offers, and then use it to grow your followers.


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