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Kelvinator washing machine
Kelvinator washing machine
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Best Kelvinator washing machine to consider buying right


Carrying out extensive research to buy the best washing machine is one of the difficult and never-ending tasks of all time. Most people confuse a lot and land up buying a washing machine they are not much comfortable with. To avoid such from happening, you need to collect information from the authentic dealer for the data to be true. 

There are hundreds of washing machine brands in the market, and the Kelvinator washing machine is one of the best among them. Investing in this brand will help you save a ton of money without spending more on maintenance and regular service charges. This article contains some of the best Kelvinator washing machines to consider buying right now. So, keep reading to know more. 

  1. Kelvinator 6 Semi-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (KS60VAGL)

This wonderful washing machine is an excellent option for families within four members where the washing load is low. It is the best option because it consumes only a very low amount of electricity which is around just 400 watts. So, you can cut down your electricity bill in an effective manner. This Kelvinator washing machine has a capacity of 6 kg and comes with first-class features like pulsator washing, quick-dry, and two washing programs for authentic and easy operation. 

  1. Kelvinator KT6521PF-FAU Spark Plus Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing

This model of the Kelvinator washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg and is the best choice for small to medium families. To suit most requirements of the users, this washing machine comes with eight extensive types of washing modes and spin programs. The motor speed of this washing machine is around 850rpm, which helps in drying your clothes very quickly. The presence of fuzzy logic control in the washing machine helps in identifying dirt and washing them in an effective manner.  

  1. Kelvinator KS7217DP-FKA Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine

Packed with excellent first-class features, this Kelvinator washing machine has a capacity of 7.2 kg and will help you with a quick wash. The drying process of this washing machine is also very excellent, and it gets the job done within minutes. It comes with three kinds of washing programs to suit the needs and requirements of its customers. This semi-automatic top load washing machine is best for regular and quick washing programs. It also consumes low energy and works in a better way. 

  1. Kelvinator KWS-A700MR Value Wash Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Maroon | 7.5 kg

Another best model of the Kelvinator washing machine is this variant. It can accommodate the needs of small to medium families as it has a drum capacity of 7.5 kg. It also comes with top-notch features like power dry feature, active soak, spin safe, special overflow channel, IPX4 protection, overheating control, and many more to render an effective washing program to the user. This washing machine is built in a way to be very portable and produce less noise during operation. 

  1. Kelvinator KWS-A850CB Value Wash Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Coffee Brown | 8.5 kg

Built with the latest technology, this amazing Kelvinator washing machine is one of the top sellers in the market. The pulsator present in this washing machine has three rotors, which help in easily dissolving the detergent powder without leaving any residue or lint behind. By investing in this washing machine, you can ensure the protection of your fabric as it comes with a fabric care feature. It also controls the speed of the water in an effective manner. 

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