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Plastic For Good Purpose Supremacy And Downside Of Plastic Industry


Plastic industry is a synthetic or semi-synthetic material present in a wide range, in which polymer is being used as the main ingredient. Because of its plasticity, plastic can be mould, pressed or extruded into the solid form of many shapes. Plastic Packaging plays an essential function in our modern lives. It protects products from damage. But it also has some disadvantages like in death of animals, and pollution plastic is a contributing factor. There would be less pollution without plastic. Many countries are saturate with plastics and trying to cut down their consumption when the rest of the world is trying to cut the use of plastic where it is a fact for the plastic industry to imagine that plastic can increased its emission of carbon at the same time. Plastic companies in Pakistan are also working on it to keep the environment clean and free of pollution. 

Some innovations that happen in the plastic industry recently

How Plastics Are Made is the most common thought that comes to our minds when we think about plastic. The polycondensation process makes plastics from coal, natural gas, cellulose, crude oil, and salt. In the reactor, ethylene and Propylene are linked together, which are monomers. 

Following are some fascinating development occurs in the plastic industry in recent years:

  • Bacteria can break down plastic 
  • For food packaging, bioplastics that are biodegrades
  • It can fully recycle toothpaste tubes can be fully recycle

Development in Plastic Industry

  1. The construction company Volker Wesser has designed roads made up of plastic, and it is lightweight and needs a fraction of the construction time compared to other standard roads. Plastic roads are maintenance-free. It lasts three times the expected life of standard roads, 100 per cent recycled material used to make it. Roads that are made up of plastics are sustainable solutions. The reason is that asphalt is unsustainable and has contributed to over 1.6 million tons of carbon dioxide. 
  2. Tennis shoes are made up of ocean plastic; the company Adidas introduced the shoe that will be a part of their Parley series, known as Ultra Boost Parley. It was made by collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. Party pulled the 740 tons of plastic pollution from the ocean of India near the Maldives. Adidas using that waste for the manufacturing of shoes and some shirts. 
  3. A famous Beauty Company called Lush Cosmetics had started PCR P packing for Black Pot packages. The constitute of Lush Black Pot is post-consumer polypropylene, that includes injection moulded container and lid. This package is design to hold lotions and cream in it. 
  4. 3D printed plastic braces. Invisalign is a plastic solution for braces that have been available for a short time.  
  5. Now it can use recycled in an unusual construction project. A social enterpriser used 1000 plastic water bottles to build a bus stop hub.  
  6. Waxworms are useful for cutting pollution. Galleria mellonella is a friendly environment that helps to reduce the waste product caused by plastic bags. Wax is also a polymer that consists of a long chain of carbon atoms. 

How can we use plastic for Environment benefits?

Plastic helps to reduce weight and increases fuel economy. Plastic is a lighter material than traditional like metal and glass. Good fuel economy means fewer stops at the gas station, and fossil fuel use is less. Product Packaging has become more efficient because plastic is light and durable. In this way, packages become more lightweight, and lids become smaller, participating in fuel economy. When trucks do not pull high weight, then there would be no use of much gas. Plastic has a lower impact than paper.

 Paper products degrade faster than plastic and require a significant amount of natural resources to form. To produce paper products, many trees and a high amount of water are need. Plastic also requires energy and resources for the formation. Plastic has a long life as compared to paper. Plastic has both properties for commercial and residential, and it is being use as building materials. Plastic windows can filter UV rays; this is an excellent way to keep buildings cool in the summer and lock in heat to keep them hot in winter. Plastic takes less energy and money to keep the house and workplace comfortable, also helps to reduce environmental footprint. Plastic is resistant to corrosion. It is also use in machinery as a component, sewage piping underground. Plastic has durability and strength. Plastic is one of the best Plastic Factories In Lahore that provides plastic Packaging for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical purposes. 

Types of Plastic Modelling

In plastic moduling, to give the shape to the polymer, liquid or powder form polymer is placed into the hollow mold. To create the end product, different ranges of heat and pressure are use. Other Molding companies in Pakistan are working and using various techniques to make an end product.  

Following are the types of Plastic Modelling that are being used by many companies:

  • Extrusion Modelling
  • Compression Modelling
  • Blow Modelling
  • Injection Modelling
  • Rotational Modelling

Sixty-five per cent of total waste in Pakistan accounts for plastic use. In Pakistan, the usage of plastic bags is 55bn which is annually 15 per cent more. To save our country, Immediate and practical steps are required to take. In the most significant cities of Pakistan, like Lahore getting more polluted, the Plastic Manufactures In Lahore should keep their focus on it. 


To keep our environment clean and free of pollution, it is essential to control the use of plastics. Plastic manufactures in Pakistan should pay attention to this matter that can be very harmful to humans and animals. It can also cause water pollution. Plastic Packaging can be used at the industrial level for practical purposes, but it is necessary to recycle plastic to keep the environment clean. In this way we can use plastic only for good intentions it will save energy and money too. 

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