Friday, January 27, 2023

Bottom Fishing in Long Island with Captain Dave Aboard Canyon Lady!


While going on a fishing trip to Long Island, what do you look for? First of all, the weather conditions must be good. You can further expect a great catch if the sea is calm and the water a bit warmer.  Once you made up your mind, it all comes down to finding a private charter boat.  While inshore fishing has its own charm, there are many who prefer to catch the monsters from the deep like marlin, sharks, tuna, and so forth.

Bottom fishing in Long Island, NY, is quite popular, and it provides you the rare opportunity to try your hand at catching some of the fish that are found closer to the seafloor. Well, bottom fishing can be challenging and involves using a weighted hook or lure that is lowered to the bottom. On most occasions, you end up finding species like red snapper and grouper.

Bottom Fishing is Fun and Exciting

There are plenty of options when it comes to bottom fishing offshore. However, if you wish to have fun and thrill, you must join Capt. Dave and his crew aboard Canyon Lady. Depending on the season, they use their skills and experience to help you with the catch. When the season starts, they troll the fish but gradually shift to jigging and chunking. Usually, you will be fishing in waters with depth that could be anywhere between 400-900 feet. 

Captain Dave has over 50 years of experience fishing in the Long Island south shores. Besides, Canyon Lady, with its power 1000 horsepower turbo twin diesel engines, helps you reach the fishing grounds safely and comfortably.  Offshore fishing in Long Island is always exciting and by the end of the trip, you will have enough fish to host a dinner party.

Overnight Tuna Fishing Charters

If you are looking for overnight tuna trips in Long Island, NY, you have come to the right place.  Reel World Charter specializes in overnight tuna tours, as they have been running to the canyons since the 1980s. For the trip, you will be leaving the docks by 10.00 am. You will be fishing until 4.00 pm, to catch the late bite, until about 2 hours after the dark. While you wait for the catch, you will be provided with refreshments like BBQ burgers, hot dogs, and other items. The time you spend is all about having fun and enjoying the sweet banter.

The overnight tour spans over 28 hours, and you will return back to the shores by 5 or 6 pm the following day. With Captain Dave and his team, there is always some excitement around. Book your slot today by calling him at 516-658-8247.

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