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Bristol, the USA – Where Life Is Beautiful by Banksy


If you are a Banksy viewer then you know that life is beautiful. In fact, the elusive street artist Banksy has become known for many works that are located in prominent locations all around the world. But what truly created a unique and popular piece of artwork was this new life he created.

The original Banksy artwork is actually a series of stencils he created while living and working in his own studio. The locations were always on display in front of him. But what really created interest was this new life he had created. It was a beautiful Banksy area that was allowing world-class art collectors from around the globe to see the original Banksy piece in person. They could then follow the life of the artist from birth to the present and enjoy every beautiful word he had created.

While Many May Think Of Bristol as the Capital of British Graffiti Art

It is in fact the birthplace of the original Banksy piece. Bristol is the home of the original Banksy piece and also a center for the thriving Bristol Cityscape Art Festival. It is here that local artists have the chance to display their wonderful artwork in one of the many public spaces around the city. And for those who cannot make it to Bristol, can still take pleasure in viewing these beautiful locations using online galleries.

Many people have come to appreciate the beauty of Banksy’s Bristolian stencil graffiti art because it carries such a strong message. Many of the images used were ones that the artist had gotten while staying in the local prison. But even though he was in jail, he still managed to create some of the best pieces of work ever.

One of the most popular pieces is the infamous ‘Bristol portrait’ located on the side of a wall in the Bristol Cathedral. This beautifully illustrated work is done in charcoal and features a Bristol woman with a man standing in the background. The image itself is in color but the background is black and white. The portrait shows the beautiful scenery outside the prison walls.

While The Man’s Feet Rest Against the Woman’s Bare Back

In addition to this piece, the Banksy Location in Bristol City is another favorite among tourists and locals alike. The Bristol Location is in a location where you can just about spend the whole day. But the real beauty of the mural is found within the poem it references. This famous piece is one of the only Banksy Paintings that is based on a real location that he visited in his life. So now you know why you should not just see the location, but actually, pay it a visit yourself.

The Graffiti Artist Had Originally Chosen Bristol

As one of his destinations because it was a place he could get away from London for long periods of time. He also enjoys traveling around the world on an actual bus, so it made sense to select this particular location to do some of his work. You can see the original graffiti alongside the original artist while you are walking in Bristol. There are also some great little shops in Bristol that display his work from this past year.

When you visit the life is beautiful banksy location in Bristol you will be able to sit down with Banksy and have coffee with him. You can take in the view outside of the prison walls while waiting for the sunset. Or you can just enjoy the view of the city from the comfort of your couch. This wonderful piece of Banksy art is sure to bring you to tears when you look at it. So the next time you find yourself stuck for a peaceful thought, think no further than Banksy!

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