Friday, January 27, 2023
Best Roller Shades For Windows Malibu

Browse Our Glossary Of Window Blinds Terminologies


Selecting custom window blinds in Pacific Palisades can be confusing when you know there are several blind types, styles, and colors. But what you don’t is dozens of terminologies used in the blinds which can leave you perplexed. Today, we have covered all common window blind terms and terminologies used in the window blinds.

  • Blind– A window covering that features moveable and tiltable slats for controlling the light entering the room.
  • Brackets– These are installation hardware fastened to the window frame and used to attach the Headrail to the window treatment.
  • Carrier– The internal vertical blind that carries vanes across the Headrail. This device is used to control the angles of the vanes.
  • Chain & Clip– Metal bead chains that connect to the bottom of the vertical slats via plastic clips.
  • Child safety deviceCustom window blinds in Pacific Palisades comes with a child safety device that ensures the chords and chains are kept out of the children reach. This device may include small and clear plastic clips that slide over the bottom loop of the chain and keep it closer to the wall, making it harder for children to gain access.
  • Blind mechanism– It is about how the blind is operated. A mechanism helps in raising and lowering the blind or drawing it from side to side.
  • Blackout blind– It is a kind of blind fabric that resists the light from passing through it. This fabric is made up of weave fabric and backed by PVC. These are great to consider when you seek the utmost privacy.
  • Condenser– Condenser is all about consolidating strings into plastic to which a larger pull cord is attached.
  • Cord Cleats– A plastic or metal piece mounted to the wall to wrap long cords around.
  • Cord Loop System– A blind that operates with a continuous cord, clutch, or bead chain loop to raise and lower it.
  • End Cap– These caps are used to cover the non-functioning ends of the top and bottom rails of blinds.
  • Equalizers– Gathering two or more cords together to create a device that stops the blind from going down further than required. In fact, it also keeps the cords even.
  • Lift Cords– These are braided polyester, nylon, or cotton cord used to raise and lower a blind.
  • Louvers– These are horizontal panels made of wood or plastic and used to make the blinds.
  • One Way Draw– When vertical blinds are drawn on one side and stacked on the same side of the Headrail.
  • Plastic Washers– These are small, and round plastic pieces used to prevent knots from slipping through holes.
  • Route Hole– Holes drilled into the slats of the horizontal slats to lift the cords running through.
  • Tilt Mechanism– A mechanism used in the blinds to tilt the slats. These are used in the horizontal slats.
  • Vanes– A fabric, vinyl, or wood panels hanging from blind headrails.

The final take

Although there are many more terminologies being used in the window blinds. Hoping this short guide has given a useful insight into the blind terminologies. Be sure you reach out to window treatment professionals when it comes to choosing and installing window treatments, whether it is window blind or bay window drapery treatments in Malibu.



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