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Lone Star Grillz builds the very best custom smokers available by hand one at a time in Willis TEXAS.  We have several styles to chose from in addition to all sizes and all prices that will surely fit every budget.  Our offset smokers are second to none and we have them in an offset pipe smoker, offset vertical smoker, offset cabinet smoker, and our new 20” style pits.  Then there are the Insulated smokers available in three sizes that are as close to a “set it and forget it” style smoker all while still cooking with real wood.  For that true “Low & Slow” style cooking Lone Star Grillz has you covered no matter how big or small a pit you need.  We have dozens of upgrade options available from custom colors, personalized emblems, and custom accessories that will make your next Lone Star Grillz smoker the perfect fit for you.  Don’t see what your looking for no problem with our expertise and fully tooled fabrication shop we can build what ever it is you want for that truly custom “one off” smoker that no one else has.  Please look through our product line and if you have any questions, ideas, or need help in any way please dont hesitate to reach out to us.

BBQ Again For The First Time With Barbecue Smokers

Even if you have been barbecuing for many years by now, and have flipped your fair share of burgers and franks, there is another world of barbecuing that all too many people have been missing out on–it’s time to smoke up. Barbecue smokers have long been reserved for BBQ professionals and traditional BBQ restaurants, but a new generation of these smokers has made it much more convenient for first-time meat smokers to get involved with this tantalizingly tasty tradition. There are plenty of options that are now available so you are sure to find something that will suit your personal preferences and help you experience what your food was really meant to taste like. Read on for more information regarding the barbecuing experience you can expect as well as some of the most common types of BBQ smoker fuel you have the option of cooking your meats with.

One of the reasons as to why propane and gas powered grills still tend to dominate the BBQ market is because we are becoming more and more of a convenience based society and collectively continue to migrate further and further away from our proud history of traditionally prepared barbecue perfected through patience and backed by true passion. These barbecue smokers feature a design that cooks your meat through indirect heat that is much lower than your standard gas powered BBQ grills, which means that it will take much longer to cook your meats when you use this method. But if you are willing to take the time to cook your meats through a method that is guaranteed to produce meats barbecued delights that taste finer than any you’ve ever had off of a gas powered grill, then this is surely a whole new world of BBQ waiting for you. The smoke that is created deliciously infuses itself within your meats to produce a truly authentic BBQ taste that will have you and your guests planning a whole lot more cookouts.

You do have several options to choose from when it comes to the type of fuel that you can use with today’s smokers. In addition, some BBQ smokers are designed to function solely with a single type of fuel while others feature designs that enable multi fuel use for added flexibility and varied cooking methods.

The most traditional type of fuel that produces what is commonly agreed upon as the most authentic BBQ flavor is wood. The larger models of smokers will allow you to use split logs and you can also find a wide variety of different types of wood chips for more flavoring choices. In addition, you can also rely on wood pellet smokers for a next-best option, providing a slightly more convenient means of controlling the heat and amount of smoke, but falling a bit short of flavor compared to the split-log fueled smokers.

20″ x 36″ Offset Smoker

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The main chamber holds several gallons of water to steam and moisturize the meat while cooking. Drain out of the bottom cap when finished to clean out.

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