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cabling and wiring missions in Viejo
cabling and wiring missions in Viejo

Cabling and Wiring Mission For Your Business


The regular workplace as you may know is usually set up with data, some level of a monitoring system, phones, and the likes.

But for a much more complex workspace, you probably would find an IP-based building system that monitors and controls heating, cooling and ventilation, energy management, digital signage, video surveillance, and much more.

The one thing that connects all of these is – cables! When trying to install an electrical gadget or network in a workplace whether large or small, cabling and wiring cannot be done without.

Cables communicate and transmit data from one system router to another. You could think of these cables as the nerves in the human body.

Now, even though the cabling and wiring missions in Viejo are slightly the same, there’s a bit of a difference. In this post, we’ll be looking at the importance of cabling and wiring in a workspace and what role it plays in getting video surveillance for your workspace.

Let’s get right into it!

What is cabling?

A few years back, cables were referred to as wires. However, with the recent development in technology, wires have been identified as worse and cables have become a means of carrying data and information through a distance from one system router to another.

Although these cables come in different types and sizes, they still have one thing in common. However, not all cables can be used in transmitting information through a long distance. For instance, fiber optics can carry data in the form of electrical pulses from one continent to another.

One of the profitable advantages of cabling is that it’s able to transmit data like electrical pulses at the speed of light without incurring any loss of information during the transmission. Plus cables can also be connected to computer networks with high speed and precision.


Wiring on the other hand is the regular cover or aluminum wires that are used as a conducting medium to supply currents to electrical gadgets.

Compared to cabling, wiring is done in a building or a hose and is used to transmit electricity to places needed by the homeowner. However, in simple terms, what it means is that wiring brings light to a home.

How does cabling affect video surveillance for businesses?

Like I mentioned earlier, cabling is used to transmit information from one system router to another.

Video surveillance system as you know is used to store information. It’s a camera that takes record of what goes on in your environment serving as your eyes and ears.

The information obtained through the video surveillance for businesses in Carlsbad can be viewed through a system that’s connected to the camera and this connection can only be done through cables.

That said, the information obtained through video surveillance cannot be transmitted through wires, but cables.

What are the benefits of a video surveillance system?

The benefits of having a video surveillance system for your business cannot be overemphasized. After all, how else would you want to keep an eye on your assets without a surveillance system?

Here are a few benefits you stand to gain when you use a surveillance system for your business.

  • A surveillance system helps to deter criminals. The mere sight of a security camera keeps criminals afar off. However, you’ll need to be careful not to have a dummy camera as it can be sighted by seasoned burglars.
  • It can help to catch a would-be thief. If you own a store, putting a surveillance camera in your store ensures that your items are safe enough.
  • It enhances accountability among your employees.
  • It keeps an eye on the productivity of your employees and much more.

That said if you live in Carlsbad and would like to have a good surveillance system in your workplace, look no further than TeraPixels. With our years of experience in the security system, rest assured that you’ll get the best services you need.

Whether it’s cabling for your office, wiring for your home, or perhaps video surveillance for your business, we have got you covered. Contact us today for whatever security services you may need and you’ll be glad you did.


Safety is an integral part of whatever you do. Whether it is for your business or home. Plus you can’t be everywhere at any time. But without a top-notch surveillance system, it’s easier to keep an eye on everything at the same time. Let us help you achieve that at no cost. Contact us today!

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