Friday, December 9, 2022

Chinese Food Restaurant in Tampa


Eating good meals is an integral practice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And as you know, Chinese dishes are known for their special mix of unique spices, aroma, and bright color.

Perhaps you are new in the area and you need a restaurant that offers the best Chinese food in Tampa, search no further. We are here and can give you the best Chinese meal you’ve ever had.

Yummy House is where “good food speaks for itself”. And because of the quality of our meals over the years, we have successfully been listed in Tampa Bay’s Times as one of the 25 most iconic restaurants in Florida. Therefore, it’s safe to say we offer authentic and award-winning food.

With a wide array of beautiful dishes making up our menu, you can be sure to find what your taste buds crave. Delicious Dim Sum dishes are also available in different packages that can pose for significant breakfast and lunch experiences.

Beautifully, with us, you may not have to worry about your location. This is because, aside from Tampa, we have successfully opened other outposts in Orlando and Gainesville, Florida.

Why Choose us?

Yummy House is no new name in the list of handful Chinese restaurants that offer top-notch meals and dining services.

With our over thirteen years of existence in the cooking industry, we sure have preserved our value for quality. Hence, we remain your go-to for people of class.

Thankfully, we can say that we have experienced immeasurable growth throughout our years of experience. What started as an enclosed restaurant in Hillsborough, Tampa, has gained ground in many other places including Orlando and Gainesville.

We also have amazing chefs that are trained and can prepare the best of Asian meals. More so, our signature Salt and Pepper mix has been named a Top Appetizer in Tampa Bay with our fried rice dishes being the beat in town.

Our Lunch Special also offers selected tasty meals to make your lunch remarkable. We believe that mealtime is valuable and should be spent with friends and loved ones.

Dim Sum Chinese foods of various kinds are carefully prepared by our experienced Chinese Chef to give a traditional feel.

At Yummy House you can have the best Chinese food in Tampa. As soon as you step in, what welcomes your table is a variety of appetizers to get you set for the amazing main dishes.

Furthermore, if you are a chicken lover, we’ve got something for you –  our fast-selling special Fresh mushroom chicken, garnished with garlic sauce. If you also like trying out new flavors, you can check out the Kung Po Chicken. This is made with zucchini, celery, water chestnuts, and green peppers in spicy Kung Po Sauce with peanuts.

You may also love the taste of chicken fried in spicy Szechuan sauce or breaded chicken tossed in orange sauce. Trust me, we are your one-stop restaurants for as many Asian meals as you need.

Did I also mention that our special Crab Meat Fish Maw Soup makes a statement? Very tasty.  We also have beef made from assorted spices and flavors including one made with the popular Xo sauce. You can check out our menu.

For the Orlando dwellers, we’ve made sure you do not miss out on our quality meals. So, if you need a good Chinese restaurant in Orlando, you can always locate Yummy House.

Our seafood is the best you can find in Orlando. From Shrimp & Scallops Spicy XO Sauce to Scallops & Shrimp With Black Bean Sauce, the Spicy Szechuan Style Scallops, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Spicy Kung Pao Shrimp, and trust me, the list goes on.

Hong Kong recipe lovers will definitely find our Hong Kong Style Curry Shrimp amazing. There are also a variety of tasty Chinese soups that suit your taste.

You can always choose from our menu which soup you prefer or any other dish you’d like to have. Although, newcomers may find it tasking to locate a Chinese restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. However, if you need a meal or perhaps you have one in mind, you can always place an order and have it delivered to you


Again, if you need to eat quality food, then we’re here and are willing to serve you better. Rest assured, whatever your choices are, we are just one call away.

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