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50 college dorm party ideas


College is the perfect time to create new friendships and make memories you’ll cherish throughout the rest of your life. How better to meet new people than throwing your party? If you’re a club or leader, an ordinary person, or simply looking to bring your acquaintances together, Here are 50 college dorm events that will ensure everyone is sure to enjoy themselves.

College Dorm Ideas for Party Planning: College events should be enjoyable and enjoyable. There’s no reason to hurry if you’re thinking about putting together one.

Be calm and go slow; search for ideas to make the dorm parties enjoyable. If you aren’t sure what to do, below are 50 College Dorm Party Ideas (Don’t throw a Dorm Party before reading this);


50 ideas for college dorm parties ideas

Throwback Celebration —Bring out your denim clothes to bring back the 90s. You could also add some boom boxes to capture the 90’s style truly.

1. Into into the Jungle –

Let your animal spirit shine through and dress like the lions, snakes, tigers, and more!

2. Rock N’ Roll

Costume yourself precisely like your favorite singer or rock group. Eyeliner with a heavy smudge and Blow-up guitars can help anyone get right at home at the party!

3.Masquerade —

Dress in formal attire with a mask to go to this gala. Only formal attire, tuxedos along with great entertainment are permitted. Additionally, it’s enjoyable to keep your identity secret by walking through the crowd wearing a disguise.

4. Nightmare Night –

Dress like the most frightening ghost or monster and enjoy the most frightening moment of your life.

5. Rave Rager

Bring out the neon costumes as well as glow sticks and blacklights for a celebration that will illuminate the night.

6. Slumber Party Slumber Party

Get ready to party in the cutest pajamas.

7. Decades —

Dress everyone up as you’re from the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

8. Dynamic Duos —

Be sure that everyone has an individual regardless of whether it’s your best partner or a lover, Wearing matching clothes or something else that can go together.

9. Everything But Human —

Everyone has to to dress up in their most beloved mythological character or animal.

10. March Madness —

Show your support for for the team of your sport in their uniform.

11. Meme -Meme –

In this moment of time of memes, what’s the reason to don’t let everyone dress as their most cherished meme?

12. Vegas -Vegas –

Get ready to party like you’re in Las Vegas. Get drunk and play poker all through the night.

13. Shipwrecked

Everyone is dressed in Hawaiian T-shirts and enjoys chilling.


15. Graffiti Party —

Be sure that everyone is wearing white shirts and give out markers or paint that you can use to write over one another.

16. Superhero Shindig –

What’s better than having a party? A costume party with your most loved superhero. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to see Daredevil kissing Catwoman.

17. Crazy Karaoke –

Find your voice as Rihanna and Katy Perry for karaoke night. You should ensure that there is an array of songs that everyone can sing to or listen to.

18. Casino Night –

Reserve your betting chips, a roulette wheel, and all your other fake gambling requirements to make it a night you will keep in mind. You can give everyone a set amount of chips at the time of the night and see who is the best from the chips they have.


19. Ice and Fire –

Select either the ice and the flame theme to dress in, and make sure your date dresses match either. This theme can create the stage to have a great time.

20. Music Festival Music Festival

In this event, Coachella will be joined by Burning Man for a wondrous night that will be remembered. Create your favorite playlist that everyone will enjoy and enjoy.

21. What do you watch on Netflix? –

Choose your favorite Netflix show and dress up as the characters from Friends or Breaking bad for a fun-filled evening!

22. Blacklight

Switch your normal lightbulbs to black, and then draw your designs on everyone’s clothing using highlighters.


23. Snack Time –

An excellent party should always include an assortment of snacks to snack on. Chips and dips help in giving a short break from dancing to providing a delicious snack!


24. Togas party Togas party

Make your event one worthy of Mount Olympus by having everyone dress in the fashion that was worn by the early Greeks.

25. Save the Date

Pick the holiday you like best that you can enjoy throughout the year, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Day, Veterans Day, or Independence Day, and dress appropriately for the occasion.

26. Fiesta —

Make margaritas, cocktails, and tasty Mexican food for your friends.

27. Game of Thrones –

Jon Snow would approve of having a celebration devoted to Game of Thrones. Costumes could be inspired by specific characters such as Cersei Lannister and White Walkers.

28. Dancing for the Decades –

Dress up and revel in the best of the previous decades. DJs should play classic tunes from the past like “2012” as well as “Tik Tok” or go even further back and get everyone dancing to the best songs of each decade.

29. Bond Bash – Agent 007 —

For a James Bond-themed event! The date night includes one person who dresses as the legendary 007 James Bond and the one dressed as his gorgeous Bond girl.


30. Board Games –

Board games won’t go out of fashion. They will always be an excellent method to relax and create lasting memories. The idea of a college dorm night with games on the board evening will make your room the best place to be.

31. “Look-alike” Character Party –

By hosting a costume-based party, you can transform your college dorm night into a time capsule of the past. In order to to enter your dorm room, you have to dress as a character in any form of media.

Rocky, Rambo, The Karate Kid are just a few characters that would be a hit at this event.

32. Sports –

Set your television to the game, and then get the food and drinks prepared. Make sure you have dips, fries, hot wings, and other food items for the party with banners and posters of your team’s logos and your team’s mascots.

33. Mardi Gras –

Who says you have to take pleasure in Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Visitors can dress in feathery Mardi Gras masks to hide their identities, lots of beads, and brightly-hued Mardi Gras vests.

34. Paint Party –

A paint party gives people who are artists or not a chance to create in a an enjoyable environment. Make sure that you have lots of space to allow people to move about and paint with ease.

35. Stereotypes from High School High School Stereotypes

Offer your guests the opportunity to remember the wonderful memories they had during senior high and make fun of school’s crazy and wild aspect. The guests dress as goths, nerds, cheerleaders, jocks, punks, band kids, and so on.

36. The Drinking Buddies Party The Drinking Buddies Party

Participants are tied to each other by a string to create opposite-sex “drinking companions” when they arrive. Although the idea of being tied with a stranger can be uncomfortable, chances are you’ll be chatting in the evening.

37. The Beer Olympics Party –

Join forces with your friends or classmates, strangers, and Greek siblings to participate with each other in the Drinking Olympics. The games will be played according to house rules, so you need to learn quickly and practice your ping-pong target.

38. Wig Party –

The more outrageous, the more outrageous, so put on the sparkling blue hair and handlebar mustaches that fall under your chin and hairstyles with spiky edges.

39. Rubix Cube – The Rubix Cube –

To have a successful Rubix cube-themed party, all guests should dress in one color, from head-to-toe, If possible, in many different clothes. Each time two guests get involved with each other, they should switch their pieces of clothing. After the night, everyone heads home dressed as a Rubix cube that has been played with for a couple of hours.

39. It’s the After Sex Party –

Think loose pants, collars, and shirt collars. Everything is acceptable in the event that it’s messy. From sexy post-sex-teasing hair to lipstick on collars to boxes on women. What else defines “college” as a sex-themed event?

40 .The “Anything Except Clothes” Party –

The name implies that it is possible to wear any item not made of cloth. So, you can dress in grocery bags or wrapping papers or even trash bags bubble wrap, among others. The key is creativity.

41. Bad & Boujee party –

Boujee is Boujee is the French term ‘bourgeoisie,’ which refers to the high-end. The combination of bad and Boujee is anything but boring and flashy! Imagine faux fur fur coats, jewels that have large diamonds, bold designs, and high-heeled shoes. However, nothing will break the bank.

42. Ugly Sweater Party –

The ugly sweater is usually linked to Christmas themes; however, a doomed-looking sweater is a great choice at at any time of the year, even without holiday themes. Instead of putting on your ugly sweaters, dress them up for the Ugly Sweater Party.

43. It’s the Fitness Fling –

Suppose you don’t say yes that dancing is the only thing you’ll be doing. Get into the 80’s workout videos and host a fitness-themed celebration. Leggings and trainers, leotards, and headbands are welcomed here.

44. The Caribbean Night Party –

Welcoming to this island You’re welcome, man! Luaus are underrated. Enjoy your Caribbean heritage or simply your love of all things Cuban, Bahamian, Haitian, Dominican, and more. You can ditch the bitter beer and fancy wine and enjoy tropical drinks infused with Rum.

45. The Apocalypse Party –

It’s a party that feels like the world is about to come to an end. You can be a mutant of some kind or walk around like a zombie. Like a real zombie, consume vodka cranberries throughout the night long (with water between) to make it appear as if you’re drinking someone else’s blood.

46. It’s the Spicy Safari –

Change your celebration into wild adventures through unexplored territories. Your guests can dress like explorers, wearing lace-up shoes as well as khaki jackets, shorts and jackets, and safari hats, or take the way of the animals by wearing faux tails and zebra prints headbands for cats, as well as make-up that has texture.

47. PlayStation Games

Nothing can bring people closer than video games.

48. White Lie party –

Everyone has a T-shirt that they tell a falsehood about themselves. “I’m relaxing tonight,” “I work out,” or “I love my life” are just a few of the many things people say about themselves.

49. Games Games

Think of Beer Pong Never have I played, two truths and a falsehood, Flip cup Truth or Dare, and so on.

college drom party

Tips and Tricks to Plan Your Business

Be sure to address the most crucial party areas prior to time to ensure that your party stays running smoothly and ensure that your event can be remembered as one of the greatest experiences in college!

Check that you’ve got the following items:

Sound System Create a playlist in advance to choose music that everybody can listen to or sing along to. It is in keeping with the theme. It’s not possible to throw an office party without listening to the WAP album by Cardi B.

Book a Venue Find an appropriate venue to hold your celebration early so that you can secure your preferred venue prior to other parties looking to make the same decision.

Be Safe at the Party- As much as having fun can be important, take precautions to keep everyone secure.

Snack Time A fantastic celebration should include food or snacks for guests to take in.

Hire a Photographer You can capture the moment of your event with a professional photographer to capture photos of your party so that your guests will be be able to keep the photos for the years to come.


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