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Complete Cleaning Routine for all Types of Hair Combs

Complete Cleaning Routine for all Types of Hair Combs


Have you ever wondered where is the dirt buildup coming from on your hair comb? Or whenever you comb your hair, the scalp gets oily and greasy? Well, the unclean hair comb is the reason that happens when you fail to clean your combs for a long time. We use hair combs daily for infinite numbers but we barely pay attention to cleaning them which is why they transfer all the grime back into the hair while being used. It is very important to clean the combs regularly to keep away the buildup of hair products, dandruff, and skin particles away.

Using a dirty hair comb with the pile of the following buildup is never a pleasant experience for the precious mane. And through this article, we will discuss different steps of how to clean a comb so that your hair remains free from all the hair concerns like scalp infection, accumulated dandruff and more. Read on to follow these steps that work well for all types of hair combs and get squeaky clean combs to keep your hair in good condition.


Stepwise Process to Clean Hair Combs

Stepwise Process to Clean Hair Combs

Remove All Hair from the Combs 

Most of the time whenever we use hair combs to tangle knots or to do hairstyling, the hair tends to build up in the bristles. Now when you sit to clean those combs, the first thing to do is clean the lump of hair stuck between the teeth. Simple use your hands to remove the stuck tresses and gunk settled in between. If you have combed oily hair then use wipes to gently clean the stickiness and grease.

Place the Comb in a Container 

Once you manually clean the combs, place them in a container or bowl filled with lukewarm water. If you are cleaning more than one or two combs collectively, pick a container that is spacious enough to accommodate all the combs. Now pour any mild cleanser or detergent and then allow it to settle down. Leave the combs soaked in the liquid so that dirt settles down below the water and it becomes easy to clean the combs.

Rinse your Comb Thoroughly Under Running Water

Rinse your Comb Thoroughly Under Running Water

After the dirt elements stuck in the bristles gets lose, now take a clean and an old toothbrush and start scrubbing gradually. This step will further loosen down the dirt particles and then you can rinse it under the running water. Rub every bristle and the space between them to make the comb free from every heap of dirt that is stuck. If the dirt still doesn’t get removed, take a toothpick or any pointed tip and gently scrub it off.

Let it Dry before Using

Once the hair comb is free from every dirt particle, rinse it well with clean water and then place it on a dry platform. Take a soft towel and wipe off the water droplets and allow it to get dried for some time. Repeat the same process once a month for all types of hair combs and you are good to go.

the hair comb types long-lasting and achieve healthy hair

Failing to clean the combs for long makes them breeding space for germs and all types of dirt. Hence make it a point to clean them once in every one or two months so that your hair remains clean and healthy. Simply follow these hassle-free steps in the comfort of home and make all the hair comb types long-lasting and achieve healthy hair.


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