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Connection between Yoga and Ayurveda


The current times are overwhelming. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people have witnessed more cases of stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and health issues. This is the best time to incorporate Ayurveda and yoga into your routine. They help fight these issues and improve your mental and physical health.Many people are now taking these practices and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Now you
must be thinking if these two can be adopted together. Well, these two are interconnected to a great extent. But before we tell you how, let’s understand both these sciences.


In simple words, Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. It is popularly called the art of healthy living. This unique combination of science and healthy living focuses on healing  physical and mental illnesses with its natural ways.

How Does It Work?

In Ayurveda, it is said that the human body is made of 5 elements:
● Water
● Fire
● Space
● Earth
● Air

These elements come together to form 3 energies, which are as follows:
● Vata Dosha (Space, Air)
● Pitta Dosha (Fire, Water)
● Kapha Dosha (Water, Earth
It is said that every human possesses a mix of the above three energies. Each dosha is responsible for a particular body function. It is the balance of these three energies that are responsible for any health issue or sickness.  While Vata Dosha controls the blood flow, breathing, heart, and mind, pitta dosha is responsible for your metabolism, and Kapha dosha controls your body strength,
muscle growth, weight, and immune system.

Benefits Of Ayurveda

● Reduces Stress
People take up many activities that claim to reduce stress; however, Ayurveda ensures the reduction of anxiety and stress. Practicing breathing exercises, meditation, herbal treatment, and yoga can effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

● Cleanses Your Body
Ayurveda comprises the practice of eliminating toxins from the body through purgation, oil massage, enemas, and bloodletting. This practice is called panchakarma.

● Weight Loss, Healthy Skin And Hair
Healthy and balanced diets, the ayurvedic way, help reduce the extra body fat in the body. In this science, healthy eating is the priority.
Ayurveda promotes natural ways to achieve glowing skin and luscious hair. This is done with ayurvedic treatment, ayurvedic supplements, toning exercises, and diet.

It is said to be a science that promotes self-realization and self-development. It is a combination of spiritual, physical, and mental practices that focus on calming and controlling the mind. It also focuses on identifying the detached witness consciousness.

How Does It Work?
You can overcome many physical and mental issues with yoga. It comprises many poses that work on different parts of the body.

Benefits Of Yoga

Here are some benefits of incorporating yoga into your routine:
● Improves Body Balance And Flexibility
Yoga is known to improve one’s strength, flexibility, and body balance. Deep breathing exercises help in improving the blood flow and warm up body muscles. The tree poses in yoga are very helpful in attaining so.

● Reduces Stress And Improves Heart Health
Doing yoga daily helps reduce stress and body inflammation, which improves heart health to a great extent. The downward dog pose is helpful in this.

● Better Sleep, More Energy, And A Relaxed Mind
Yoga boosts mental and physical wellness and also helps in getting better sleep. It  also reduces negative energy around you. The legs-up-the-wall-pose is very helpful in boosting physical and mental wellness. 12The Connection Between Yoga And Ayurveda  Ayurveda and yoga may seem different but belong to the same Vedic roots. They share the same Vedic beliefs and principles. While Ayurveda focuses on mental and physical wellness through diet and changes in lifestyle, yoga works toward getting the mind,  soul, and body in harmony.

Here’s how they share a strong connection:

1. Based On The Same Principle
If you look at the Vedic principles, you can say that Ayurveda and yoga are sister  practices. Just like yoga has various asanas, Ayurveda works on mental and physical  harmony through balancing the doshas.

2. Share The Same Goal
The goal of yoga and Ayurveda is to improve mental and physical wellness. Because  both sciences share the same Vedic principles, they can be combined to bring your body, soul, and mind in harmony.

Importance Of Ayurveda And Yoga In Daily Life

Incorporating Ayurveda and yoga in your routine will do miraculous changes to the  body. Here are some points on how they benefit you together:
● They help manage stress and anxiety
● Help soothe the mind and manage emotional stress
● Detoxify the body
● Boost activeness and reduce the body’s aging
● Balance blood pressure
● Improve heart health
● Help make the body flexible and strong
● Help lose weight in a healthy way
● Improves digestion and metabolism
● Promotes joint health

Growth Prospects In Ayurveda And Yoga

When it comes to the medical field, there are many branches, and Ayurveda is one of  them. While allopathy is preferred by the masses, Ayurveda is gaining popularity at a fast pace. People are now moving toward natural remedies and ways to become fit and
healthy. Therefore, a career in Ayurveda is a bright one.

If the above theory interests you, you can opt for a career in the same. Pursuing a  Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is a sure-shot way to do so. There are plenty of BAMS colleges in MP, Bhopal, that offer a degree in the field. Another benefit of pursuing a BAMS course, you can get placed in the best ayurvedic hospitals in Bhopal.


Ayurveda and yoga are being taken up by people across the world as a means to improve their physical and mental health. They not only improve physical and mental health but also harmonize your body, soul, and mind. While Ayurveda focuses on improving health with lifestyle changes and diet, yoga does the same through various asanas.
If you are aiming to be a practitioner in ayurvedic medicine in Bhopal, you can pursue the BAMS course from many colleges offering courses in Ayurveda. These colleges also offer you an internship in ayurvedic hospitals in Bhopal to get hands-on experience in the practice of Ayurveda

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