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Correct Method to Apply Highlighter for Glow-on-the-Go

Correct Method to Apply Highlighter for Glow-on-the-Go

A never-ending browse through your Instagram will make it nearly hard to discover someone who isn’t striving for that glowing and lighted skin from within. Makeup that is dazzlingly radiant is currently popular and shows no indication of going out of style. While 8 hours of “beauty sleep”, and 8 glasses of water consumption, could contribute to achieving glowing skin, there’s also this miraculous thing called highlighter that makes a huge difference. So what’s the catch to having that shimmery glowing perfection?

From understanding what type of highlighter your skin demands, to picking up the right applicator, you need to know the correct ways to accentuate your look.

Let’s learn a few ways to lit up from within look and achieve glowy perfection. The right amount of advice for the right amount of glow!

Pick the correct highlighter formula

Pick the correct highlighter formula

We know it’s tricky to pick the right shade of a highlighter and apply an appropriate amount of shimmer. Let us break it to you in the simplest way. A creamy highlighter is ideal for dry skin, a powder formula highlighter pays off really well for oily skin, and a stick highlighter stands out beautifully on normal skin. After this, you should know which shade of highlighter goes well with your skin tone. Highlighter with a tinge of blush pink is perfect for a cool undertone, champagne or golden flecks give a rich look to a warm undertone and the neutral undertone can use any shade that gives their skin a glisten shiny glow.

Where to apply a highlighter?

Where to apply a highlighter

Who doesn’t want to have a popping cheekbone, right? A sleek stroke of a highlighter and ta-da! You are ready to roll. While highlighters can give you a dewy glowy look, they also might make you look like a disco ball if you go overboard. We suggest you to stick on less-is-more approach technique, apply less and blend it thoroughly for the amplified glow. Ideally, we apply a highlighter on the high points of the face where light usually falls, however, it also depends on your facial feature. The top of your cheekbone, the centre of your forehead, and the centre of the nose bridge are the ideal points to give the gorgeous stroke of highlighter.  Sometimes, to add a glamorous touch you can also add a dash of highlighter on the inner eye corner and cupid’s bow.

Choose the right applicator

Choose the right applicator

Yes, there are various applicators for different types of highlighters, they are used to avoid blobs of product on your skin. Choosing the right applicator is dependent on a few things; the highlighter formula and the level of shimmer you want. For a creamy highlighter, use your fingers as it helps in melting the product and it blends perfectly on your skin. A powered highlighter is to be applied with the help of a fan brush, dust the excess and sweep it on your skin to shine. For liquid highlighter stipple it with the help of a damped beauty blender, it gives rich pigment pay-off and a gorgeous glow. For stick foundation, you can apply it directly to the high points for a long-lasting cream formula that gives an instant lift to the face and keeps that fresh and radiant look.

If you’re a newbie, you can simply swipe your highlighter in the shape of a sideways V from the temple to the cheekbone. This is a simple method to draw attention to your cheekbones without covering your entire face in a highlighter.

Once you understand these basics, you can rock all the looks. From subtle to glam, sweep your highlighter and add a glistening shine.

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