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sarkari result COVID Vaccine Certificate Download PDF via Mobile Number


Covid Certificate Print PDF of Covid 19 vaccine Certificate Download via Mobile Number or Name (the Central Government of India is hosting the world’s biggest vaccination campaign. From 1st April 2022 onwards, more than 83,457,140 people have taken their initial doses of Covid 19. To fulfill the requirement for supplies, Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd and Bharat Biotech have done a excellent job.

Citizens who have had at least one dose of covid vaccination, whether covishield or covaxin are able to download the Covid-19 Cowin Vaccine Certificate Online. There are a variety of methods to download the covid-19 certificate from India, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

However, there is a significant portion of the population that encounter errors when downloading this Covid Vaccine Certificate. Many are complaining about the Details errors on the vaccine certificate. Users can also alter the information on the certificate of vaccination.

In this article, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide for downloading the certificate of covid vaccination online through various ways like using a mobile number, Whatsapp, Aarogya Setu App and more.

Vaccine Certificate Download by Mobile Number/Aadhar Number

State government, along with Central government are imposing limitations on the areas within their authority. The entry is not permitted in public areas without a vaccination certificate. Masks for face are obligatory in some public spaces like railway stations, parks schools, railway stations, etc.

COVID 19 XE Variant Symptoms, Vaccine, & Treatment

People who have had even one dose of the corona vaccine may get the certificate using a mobile number. You can access the website for official website as well you can download the Aarogyasetu app for access to the identical.

Recently, the Indian Government announced that all children between 12-14 years old will be included during the vaccination campaign. According to official data, those aged 18-44 years are getting more vaccines than different age categories.

Covid (Corona) Vaccine Certificate Download PDF

In certain areas, a the Cowin vaccine certificate is required. You must prove that you’ve had a covid vaccination. You have to prove it to justify your claim. Therefore, you may get a copy of the certificate or obtain it. Covid Vaccine Certificate in PDF format. It’s much simpler to carry around than the printed version.

You can also pick up the certificate in the form of a printed copy from the centre for vaccination when you are ready for vaccination. If a person is vaccinated in a private hospital, a fee could be applied to the printing of a copy. To download the certificate information, go to this official website or download the certificate through Digi locker.

Download Covid 19 Vaccination certificate using Aarogya Setu App

  1. Go to your phone’s Store on your smartphone, such as the Play Store or the App Store from your phone.
  2. Serach for Aarogya Setu App.
  3. Verify your device’s compatibility before you install the app.
  4. Input the necessary details and click on the log in button.
  1. Then enter the 13-digit reference ID , then click “Get Certificate”.
  2. After that, you will be able to download the Covid vaccination certificate. Covid-19 Vaccine Certification – 2nd Dose Certificate

At first, there were only two vaccines (Covisheld and covaxin) available for vaccination. However, at the moment Sputnik V and Corevax are also available during the campaign. Individuals who have had both doses are able to take a the precautionary dose. 55% of Male and 45 percent of the female populace are vaccinated at one dose.

Certificate Name Covid Vaccine Certificate
1st Dose 99,17,69,822
2nd Dose 83,45,07,741
Official Portal
Precaution Dose 2,24,21,880
Total Registrations 1,84,86,99,443
Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download Here


Get your Cowin Vaccination Certificate using Whatsapp

Covid certificates are available to download via Whatsapp it’s the simplest method to obtain the exact. Follow these steps to obtain covid certificate. COV certificate.

  1. Keep this official phone number +91 901315151515 on your phone.
  2. After that, open then the WhatsApp application.
  3. Find the number , then enter “Covid Certificate” and just send the message.
  4. OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered.
  5. Check the OTP and you’ll receive Cowin Vaccine Certificate PDF.
  6. You could also make an image of the printout to use for guidance.

Download the Cowin Vaccination Certificate at Digilocker

When it comes to government-issued documents, it’s impossible to forget Digilocker. It allows us to keep all important documents in our phones and access them from any location.

If anyone is interested in downloading the Cowin vaccination Certificate through DigiLocker it is easy to install DigiLocker on your smartphone. DigiLocker app on your phone. After that , you can complete the process of logging in by entering the required information.

Then click to the Central Government tab and select ” Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW)”. Then , select ” Vaccine Certificate“. You will need to fill in the thirteen-digit ID and click on the Request Certificate” button.


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