Friday, February 3, 2023
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Create a Fashion Statement with Embroidered Jackets


Can’t beat the winter blues? Join them in style with embroidered jackets for women; who said you couldn’t layer up in style? As the colder months get even colder, we’ve brought you the best ways to get cozy in your best ethnic wear.

Rise of Needlework: Classic Embroidery is Here to Stay

India is filled with diverse people, languages, and cultures. Hence, it is no surprise that every region has its distinct embroidery style. With the rise of Indian fashion across the globe, needlework in India has gained newfound respect.

While the craft has always been revered, its elevated status comes after it has been able to hit the mainstream market. Now, it is not just hours of manual labor that make the outfits in the high-end clothing stores stand out; you will find instances of machine work, which look almost identical.

Now, it’s not just heavily embellished Lehengas that steal the show, but women’s embroidered jackets.

Purple Dhoti Pants

Styling Embroidered Jackets

Now, before you try googling “high end clothing stores near me” to get your hands on the latest designs, it’s best to look at a few ways you can style these jackets. After all, you wouldn’t want these unique pieces to gather dirt in your closet.

Cropped Jackets and Trousers

For those who love to mix and match, pairing cropped embroidered jackets with trousers is the way! Opt for high-waisted trousers and a formal shirt when you want to jazz up boring old office outfits, the easiest switch when you have an after-work event to attend.

Paired with Elegant Anarkalis

Though Anarkali kurtas traditionally had full-length sleeves, the latest designs often incorporate shorter sleeves or even straps for a contemporary look. While these designs look stunning in the summers, they’re not ideal for the freezing winters. A quick yet stylish solution? Pair your Anarkali kurta with short (or full-length) embroidered jackets which keep you warm while adding beauty to your outfit.

Create a Fashion Statement with Dhoti Pants

Purple Kurta Set

Not afraid to get a little experimental with your wardrobe? You’ll love the look of dhoti pants paired with women’s embroidered jackets. Truly unique yet effortlessly fashionable, this is the look you need to go for when you want to show off your fashion chops at any event.


Perfect with Skirts

Create a fusion look by pairing your short-embroidered jackets with Western skirts. If you’re tired of the boring neutral tones you see in your western wardrobe, an embroidered jacket is the perfect way to add a splash of fun to your ‘safe’ outfit. Let this year be where you’re not afraid to experiment with your wardrobe.

Growing your wardrobe is not just about buying the latest pieces but learning how you can pair your existing items. Browse Moledro to grab the latest designs.

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