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What are Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency in the Crypto Space [A Beginner’s Guide]


When it comes to trading cryptocurrency exchanges that connect with reputable brokers, traders in the crypto industry have several options. However, there is a vast selection regarding the offer that left the investors with conflicts and drawbacks. This article will gradually tackle insights regarding crypto exchanges and brokers for 2022. 


What are Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrencies refer to digital tokens wherein the transactions are in a public distributed ledger or blockchain. It is a new type of currency that operates differently than traditional money. The utmost difference is being exclusive as a digital currency. In other words, there are no physical cryptocurrency coins that you can keep in the real world. 

Comparing Crypto Brokers


There is a vast range of factors to consider when selecting a significant cryptocurrency broker. In this way, you can connect with those in different manners or an online exchange. However, there are still minor differences between the two of them. Thus, it still offers brokerage services, including futures and leverage. If you want to connect with reputable brokers,  you can start the process by going to and engaging in cryptocurrency trading. The platform is well-known among traders in the Philippines. With this, you will be able to obtain guided trading experience and learn trading strategies through the technical tools provided by the platform’s partner brokers. 



The most significant cryptocurrency coin brokers provide a diverse range of tokens. However, traders should seek reputable brokers who support the top coins in market capitalisation. It includes Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, and Dogecoin. Depending on each strategy, people may pique their interest in new altcoins. As a result, these may lie in undervaluation at the moment, but they may offer better profit potential than well-known coins.


Most popular cryptocurrency brokers, like SushiSwap and Uniswap, are swap-only platforms. In other terms, they are decentralised crypto exchanges where platform users can propose listings, implying that innovative tokens will be available for trading at all moments. However, while the vast asset list is efficient for portfolio diversification, traders should also be fully conscious of the drawbacks and risks.  There are instances of ‘copy coins,’ which replicate existing high-value tokens. Furthermore, deposit methods only impose on cryptocurrency coins. These platforms do not exchange any fiat currency.


Cryptocurrency Platforms


The top five largest crypto brokers provide their own operating systems to exchange tokens. Moreover, they are significantly user-friendly in general, making them ideal for beginners. Kraken, eToro, and Binance also allow trade implementation in just a few clicks. For cryptocurrency CFDs, there are suitable platforms, including MT5, MT4, and TradingView. It is also significant to know that reputable brokers offer cryptocurrencies through the given sector. Moreover, it typically sells derivatives and does not underlie a digital asset. 



The regulation of cryptocurrency brokers varies around the world. Since cryptocurrencies are still a new asset in financial services, many of the world’s top authorities have yet to determine the extent of their protection.




Leverage is now available from some cryptocurrency brokers as part of their services. Moreover, it usually comes at 1:2 following most global regulations. However, this can differ depending on your purview. It allows traders to borrow cryptocurrency from brokers. In this way, it increases the size of their position. By executing it at 2 or 3 times their initial deposit, investors effectively multiply the results of their trades. Since cryptocurrency markets are volatile, investing with leverage is difficult. Losses and profits multiply, so traders should recognise whether they can manage to run the responsibility.




Fees are one of the most important considerations when choosing a cryptocurrency broker since high costs can quickly eat into profit margins. Commission usually appears to fit into each of two types. It includes a flat fee per trading activity or a percentage of volumes sold over 30 days. Both operate on a tier system scale. When more traders execute, the lower the cost per trade in the sector will apply. If your transfer does not attain its liquidity, there will be an application of maker-taker fees. In this particular instance, if you append liquidity to the manuscripts, the exchange will reward you with a rebate. If you withdraw liquidity from the market, you will be charged a fee, just like any other purchase.

Payment Methods


Here is a list of the convenient payment methods that leading crypto brokers accept: 


  • Bank wire transfer
  • Credit/debit card
  • Crypto deposits
  • Skrill/Neteller
  • PayPal

Also, it is necessary to note that crypto trading platforms like Uniswap and SushiSwap only take cryptocurrency deposits. Individuals may need to buy through a reputable broker before. Right after, they can initially move their tokens between different platforms. 


Other Functionalities


Traders may also seek the following additional services, depending on their needs:


  • Crypto prime brokers: Institutional traders can use the brokerage services provided by Coinbase, BitGo, and Genesis Capital.
  • Hosted wallets: Several cryptocurrency platforms already provide hosted wallets. As a result, it distinguishes the need for hardware or non-custodial wallets.
  • OTC crypto brokers: Clients who want to place large trades filled by a single party may prefer Over The Counter (OTC) services. However, there must be no displacement and no trade size restrictions.



Security is a top priority for all reputable cryptocurrency brokers. It is due before with some high-profile exchange hacks in the past. As a result, it imposes massive losses for users. Mt Gox, a Bitcoin exchange that handled over 70% of all Bitcoin exchanges at its maximum, ceased operations and went into liquidation in 2014. More than 850,000 Bitcoins worth more than $460,000 became stolen. For years, hackers had been stealing Bitcoins from the exchange.

Over time, it became more reliable since it provides innovative adjustments that can ensure the safety of your digital assets. With the advent of the valuation in cryptocurrencies, the terms in service and security gradually emerge. However, individuals must still be cautious of the possible risks and drawbacks. 


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