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Cupping Massage: A Traditional Treatment to Resolve Chronic Muscle Tightness


Cupping is a traditional treatment that has been practiced over centuries. Without any side effects, it brings magical effects and resolves chronic muscle problems. People often go for massage therapy but the only massage cannot bring positive effects on your muscles that cupping can do.

To relieve chronic muscle soreness, cupping does wonders. In your gym, have you ever seen people with red marks on their shoulders or back?

According to research about Hijama in Islamabad, there are no side effects of cupping, so you can go for it without any fear.

  • Cupping Boosts Blood Circulation 

When a practitioner places the cups, the suction increases the blood circulation on those specific areas due to the suction of the cups. Researchers say that such suction results in additional blood circulation that relieves muscle tension and improves cell repair. The appearance of cellulite also gets reduced as a result of increased circulation with cupping.

  • Hijama Reduce Anxiety 

When a therapist places the cups across your skin, the engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system. Researchers claim that cupping improves the deep relaxation to move through your entire body.

Such engagement with the parasympathetic nervous system helps to slow heart rate and improve digestion.

  • Cupping promote toxins release by tissues

Your body has different organs that perform different functions. Some organs in your body remove the toxins from your body but poor lifestyle choices can interfere in removing these toxins that can lead to many health conditions. Cupping lets your body release those toxins and result in focused blood flow.

  • Hijama lowers the appearance of stretch marks and scars

Cupping does wonders to your skin’s appearance. When the therapist places the cups on your skin, it promotes the blood flow to dispose of the toxins. It also restores lymphatic circulation and removes the excess fluid which leads to the lower appearance of the scarring. 

Researchers believe that cupping reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. So, if you want to reduce the marks, apply the cups and promote blood flow to remove toxins.

  • Hijama Is Beneficial For Varicose and Other Veins

Experts say that varicose veins look like bulging. It results in bluish veins under your skin. Sometimes, the valves inside the veins do not function properly. It does not allow your valves to push the blood from the muscle back to the heart. It results in blood congestion and twisted, bulge veins.

Studies say that cupping brings fresh blood flow and oxygen to the area where it’s been affected. Only one session leaves positive effects on the appearance of varicose veins. Series of cupping sessions will help to give you lasting results.

  • Cupping Treats Asthma and Deal with Congestion 

The buildup of fluid and phlegm that is often caused by the cold or asthma can be treated by cupping. The cup suction expels congestion and breaks it up. It also brings oxygen-rich blood and lymph towards your lungs.

Most cupping therapy is performed on the back but it can be placed on your chest. It often performs in two different ways. Your therapist may leave the cups on your skin or move them in an upward motion to facilitate the movement of the lymph fluid.

To unlock the sinuses, cupping is also beneficial and reduces its symptoms.

  • Cupping promotes digestion and deals with colon blockage 

We have already discussed how cupping promotes the engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system. This system increases blood flow to the digestive tract. Gentle cupping on your abdomen stimulates the inside of the digestive organs.

It helps in peristalsis and helps in dealing with colon blockages. Cupping also promotes the blood and body fluid to move through your organs. Studies confirm that it helps relieve digestion.

Final Thought

For better results, you need to go for more than one cupping session. People who are living with asthma should go for cupping as it reduces the symptoms and helps in the breakup of congestion.

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