Friday, December 9, 2022

Different Types of Handmade Beach Glass Jewelry You Should Know


You won’t find so many things that are as precious and as beautiful as African handmade beach glass jewelry. They are probably the most popular African beads. The Krobo glass beads are usually made in West Africa, especially in Ghana.

These beads are made from glass powder formed from grinding broken glass bottles and recycled scrap glasses. After the ground particles are layered with colorful designs, the beads are melted in a furnace using heat. These locally handmade beads can be in different styles, and that includes the writing, fused glass fragments, and two halve beads.

The glass fragments are fused before they are shaped and treated. Once these pieces are collected, they can be used to produce unique handmade jewelry, including bracelets and earrings. Let’s look at the different varieties of African handmade beach glass jewelry that can suit your style.

#1. Glass Bead Earrings

Beautiful glass earrings are probably one of the best ways to display powder glass’s uniqueness and attractive color composition. Long bead earrings or your regular single bead studs are all glass earrings that could suit your fashion taste. They also come in different colors like chocolate brown, ocean blue, very light aqua, and many others to choose from.

The different shades in color also make it easy and possible for you to choose a color that will match your outfit and complexion. These handmade beach glass pieces of jewelry are covered with the best and quality materials that can stand the test of time and still look beautiful for years to come.

#2. Glass Bead Necklaces

Another piece of beach glass jewelry is the necklace that is available in different colors to suit the person who wears it, enhancing their beauty. Some of the colors like white, blue, and green might be very common, but you can also find other bold-colored pieces like deep blue or red necklaces. The beautiful thing about these necklaces is that they are sometimes hand-painted with original designs.

In order words, no one will have the same necklace as you do, and that includes the shape and color of the necklace. Because you cannot change the shape of the beach glass without damaging the exterior part, each glass necklace becomes uniquely different from other necklaces.

#3. Glass Bead Bracelets

Bracelets can also be handmade from glass, and they are another great option if you intend to match up your glass necklace or pair of earrings. Some of these glass necklaces can also be folded to form bracelets for your wrist, displaying the full spectrum of glass color. From the very simple to the classic, you can choose only the best pieces of glass beads and transform them into beautiful bracelets.

You can find these pieces of jewelry decorated in slices of gemstones, with creative settings that would highlight the color in each of the slices. There are other designs you could combine the glass with, including pearls and beads that could also highlight the unique shape of the glass.

#4. Glass Waist Beads

Another type of handmade beach glass jewelry is the glass waist bead. These beads are commonly worn by most African women, especially those in Ghana. Traditionally, in the areas of Krobo, girls started wearing these waist beads after their coming of age.

They are mostly worn on special occasions to communicate their culture and traditions, and what better way to wear them than with a matching outfit. Some people also get them as gifts for their loved ones. Each of these waist beads is designed to show off the texture and color of the glass, allowing light to penetrate through the glass surface.


A lot of glass jewelry that is available in the market is handmade by different artists in their various studios. Because each piece is unique handmade jewelry, artists usually sell their artwork or craft in different parts of the country. So, you can also find good and quality pieces of beach glass jewelry at any special jewelry store in your area.

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