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Different Ways You Can Try Out Marijuana



It can be pretty intimidating when you’ve never tried out marijuana before and want to start doing so. There are many various aspects to consider, from buying the ideal strain to having the correct implement to enjoy your experience with.

You can choose to get weed delivery, same day, Ottawa when you’ve impulsively decided to get into recreationally using marijuana. For the best experience, you should consider the following ways in which you can try out marijuana.

Through Smoking

For many people, their first weed experience is through smoking. Generally, the most immediate and fastest to take effect, smoking, is a process that enables you to taste and savour the flavour of marijuana fully. You can use the following implements to smoke your marijuana:

          Rolling papers

          Glass pipes

          Glass or Acrylic Bongs



When you’re looking for the weed delivery services Ottawa, check beforehand if they can also provide pre-rolled joints for you. It can make your first-time experience much easier when you don’t have to worry about rolling the joint yourself.

Testing Out Edibles

When you’re just starting your experience with marijuana, you may not always want to do it through the traditional marijuana flowers and buds. Many people want to ease their way into using marijuana regularly, and edibles are a great way to do that.

With edibles, you have a variety of flavours and variants to try. You can even get the weed edible delivery, Ottawa,to make your experience seamless and quick. Different types of edibles you can try are:


          Candies like sour gushers, jolly ranchers

          Infused drinks (tea and juice)

          Infused butter (to be used in dishes)

          Ice cream, brownies and cookies

Depending on what type of flavours you are more inclined towards, you can find plenty of options available. You could also look into creating your own dishes using infused ingredients.

Topical Methods

When you’re looking to add marijuana into your daily routine for pain relief or to alleviate the symptoms of an illness, using topical products can be ideal. It allows you to gain access to the therapeutic effects of cannabis, with your mind mainly remaining unaffected.

Topical treatments usually come in a cream or gel formulation to enable a more straightforward application. Depending on your requirements, you can apply it up to three to four times a day. You might need to consult a doctor about which type and kind of topical weed product you should go for.


Dabbing has been used mostly by seasoned marijuana users, as it is believed to give a cleaner high when compared to smoking and edibles. It supposedly has more THC content than your average joint, which can act to give a longer-lasting and potent high.

When you’re considering ingesting your weed through dabbing, you need to procure the ideal cannabis oil first. The oil is then put onto a hot surface where it vaporizes and is inhaled by you. Depending on which method you use, the final texture of the cannabis could be bubble hash, wax, shatter, keef, etc.

Most people use a glass pipe or a proper dab setup for their experience. Since this is a new method, not many products are currently available for optimal use.


Alcohol-based marijuana extracts that come with droppers are known as tinctures. They usually have one of the quickest reaction times, where you can feel the effects within three minutes. You can opt to put a few drops directly under your tongue for a quick and immediate effect.

Tinctures have a lot of versatility to them, so you can use them however you please. If you want to experiment with your tinctures, you can also opt to mix them with drinks or put them in dishes to make them more unique. However, you won’t get any of the flavours or pungency that come with traditional marijuana buds.

Finding the Right Way You Can Try Marijuana

When you’re looking for weed delivery, same day, Ottawa, there are a variety of strains you can consider getting. Research beforehand to decide how you want to consume your marijuana and then start looking for a dispensary.

It would help if you also considered your regular lifestyle and how to use marijuana in a way that would be most optimal for you. Many people who don’t traditionally smoke might opt for edibles or some other method involving smoke inhalation.

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