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100 percent Cotton Shrink
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Does 100% Cotton Shrink? Useful Guide


Many people ask the common question, does 100% cotton shrink? The answer is yes. But before that, you have the assumption against pure cotton. Then let me correct you, the shrink is not due to the material but it’s due to washing if not done in an adequate way. Generally, the material shrinks up to 2 to 5 percent. Some people shrink the cotton by washing it in hot water to have a fit-size outfit. 

Will 100 percent Cotton Shrink in Cold Water or Hot Water?

Special Note!

Cotton is the most widely used fabric, and people can’t resist without cotton shirts. No matter if they shrink, they just have a huge love for cotton outfits, especially when it’s summer. It allows your skin to breathe and is much good for sensitive skin. During winters, people wear cotton shirts inside the jacket or blazers as they are highly skin-friendly.

By reading the introduction, you have a better idea that even pure cotton shrinks. But do you know cotton can stretch too? So, it’s essential for you to understand when this demanding fabric shrinks and stretches. Stretch can be done when the cotton attire has cold water wet. Generally, cold water is recommended to avoid the shrinking of cotton attire. Hot water usage should be limited, and it’s followed to remove hard stains. Moreover, keeping the cotton cloth soaked in hot water for longer will result in shrinkage and damage to the color. This will make your outfit look dull.

How to Prevent Cotton Shirts from Shrinking? 

Nobody wants their brand new Pima cotton tee-shirts to shrink. Even after the first wash, otherwise, it makes you feel upset. Isn’t it? The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are buying quality shirts from an authentic source. The brand may say we sell pure cotton shirts but generally end with a shrinking issue in the first or two washes. That is quite depressing, as almost every one of us has experienced. Therefore quality matters. 

How to determine the quality? You can always read about the brand reviews and also make sure the care instructions. Sometimes, we overlook the essential instructions and face shrink problems fastly. Cotton is a delicate fabric so washing should be done correctly, and as mentioned above, avoid hot water wash too much. 

A few guidelines that need to be followed to combat shrinkage cotton shirts: 

  1. Hand washes rather than machine wash. 
  2. If the machine washes, then avoid hot water and set the minimum duration wash time.
  3. Avoid driers; let the shirt have a natural drying process. That is under sunlight but don’t keep it too long; otherwise, you will end up with the dull appeal of the shirt. 
  4. Avoid unnecessary ironing or steaming. 


Cotton clothing is highly done as people feel comfy in cotton. I think no other fabric can ever take the place of cotton. So, make sure to follow the above steps to prevent your pure cotton from shrinking. It’s somewhere in your hands. I hope you find the guide pretty handy. 

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