Friday, January 27, 2023
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Does a Headshot Affect Your Business Profile?


Do you know that you have only seven seconds to impress someone? Today, the first interaction happens through online profiles. Pictures are likely to put an impression on your client. So, if you have your picture on your website or social media pages, it will positively impact your business. A person visiting your website is likely to visit your other social media pages. The first thing people would want to know is who is the person operating the business? That’s why it is important to get a business headshot from the best photographer in Phoenixville, PA. If your current headshot is not impressive, judge your profile picture by asking the below questions-

Does your headshot define your career goals?

If you have switched your career field recently and used a previous headshot to grab attention to your new business, it is not going to work. Suppose you switched your career from a corporate to a creative field; your headshot needs to reflect your creative side. It can show your fun, relaxed, and humble side.

Do you use a selfie for your LinkedIn profile?

There is no harm in taking selfies, but it doesn’t make a connection. A professional headshot involves your upper body, your hand, posture, facial expression, etc. It is evident that people connect more to the business with professional headshots rather than selfies.

Is your picture cropped?

If you have cropped an image from a family picture, party, or a get-together, it will not have the right impression on your clients. They will perceive that you are not serious about your business. So, it is important to hire top headshot photographers in Skippack, PA, for a suitable approach in your business.

Several studies have shown that people spend more time looking at headshots on visiting your business profile. If you want to make your headshot impactful, read on.

How to pose for a headshot?

The main concern of every person before photo-shoot is how to pose? If posing during a shoot haunts you, get some hands-on tips to tackle this problem with the help of the below points-

  1. Posture

Posture is the key to showing your confidence. A straight back, relaxed shoulders, and arms can get you the right posture. No matter how unnatural the posture may feel, you have to remain relaxed with the posture that your photographer will suggest. Try to stay relaxed and smile; the tensed body can make you look stiff. A stiff look in the picture may make you look arrogant. As a business owner, you have to keep in mind to look humble and happy to help.

  2. Chin

When on a shoot, try to focus on your chin position. If it is too high, you will end up looking down in the camera; if too low, your neck may hide. If you can’t determine the position, take the help of your photographers, they will correct your chin position. You can also practice in front of the mirror to avoid awkwardness during the shoot.

3. Shift weight to one foot

If you are conscious about looking large in pictures, shift your weight to one foot. Another trick you can use is to avoid standing straight in front of the camera, stand at an angle of 45 degrees, or whatever angle your photographer suggests.

4. Stand against wall

If you are going for the shoot the very first time, you may feel a little awkward standing in the middle of the studio doing nothing. The best way to make yourself comfortable is to take support of the wall, door frame, or a fence to lean over.

How can you make the best out of a headshot?

Once you get the headshot, you can use it on your social media accounts, website, and guest blog. Another great idea to use your headshot is on the bio page or about me page. Your headshots will act as a lead magnet, so you won’t want to use the same picture everywhere. Try to get a different headshot for different profiles, for instance, a professional one for LinkedIn, a casual one for social media, a guest blog, etc.

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