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Duties and Responsibilities in Lifeguard Class


A lifeguard has a great responsibility. He can literally save lives if something goes wrong at the facility where he works. In addition, he fulfills a social and service-providing role in and around the swimming pool. The main duties and responsibilities of a lifeguard are:

  1. Ensure that the guests of the swimming area can swim and recreate safely by constant close supervision from the shore
  2. If necessary, take preventive action, for example by addressing guests about risks
    perform activities in and around the pool such as light maintenance tasks, cleaning the water and the facility, and testing the water quality
  3. Assist guests with questions, comments, or concerns
    informing guests about activities and facilities of the pool and guiding them
  4. Act as a mediator in possible collisions between guests
  5. Act quickly in emergencies: rescue swimming, CPR, call for help

What does a lifeguard do?

The lifeguard Class is in charge of the safety of the people at the pool or beach. He makes sure that everything in the swimming area runs smoothly. For example, he makes sure that no one is in danger of drowning, for example, but he also gives bands to children who swim without, dries slippery floors again, tests the water quality, and much more. He is also the point of contact for visitors who have questions or comments, he maintains contact with fellow lifeguards and oversees activities in and around the swimming facility where he works.

Lifeguard class

Lifeguard skills and qualifications

Because a lifeguard has so much responsibility, he must be sharp and alert at all times. Lives literally depend on his performance. Therefore, he must be vigilant at all times of the day. Important skills and qualifications of a lifeguard are:

a lot of energy, because this is a very active job: in practice, a lifeguard almost never sits still
eye for detail and the ability to be constantly alert to what is happening in and around the water
social and customer-oriented, but also solution-oriented
dare to be critical, both towards guests when they do not comply with the rules, for example, and towards colleagues

  1. And even managers
  2. A proactive attitude
  3. Can work routinely
  4. Team player, but also able to function independently

Required work experience for a lifeguard

In principle, a lifeguard class does not need any previous work experience, although it is mandatory for every lifeguard to be able to swim and get people out of the water if necessary. Young people are often hired for this position, although this is not necessary and it can be very beneficial to find someone who has experience in this profession. After all, sometimes lives to depend on the quality of the lifeguard. It also depends a bit on what position within the team you are looking for someone for. Someone who wants to be retrained as a lifeguard is expected to have the necessary experience as a swimming instructor,


A lifeguard, lifeguard, or lifeguard is formally called a supervisor in recreational areas. The work consists of monitoring and providing assistance to visitors to recreational areas such as swimming pools and beaches. The job of a lifeguard or lifeguard can be quite physical. On the beach or in a recreational area you spend a lot of time outdoors and often have to patrol on foot, by bicycle, or in a vehicle. But you are also active in swimming pools and you do not sit still. In addition, it is a people-oriented function. You sometimes have to provide first aid or rescue people in need. Finally, you help people by warning or informing them.

lifeguard class

Required training and courses for a lifeguard

There are no training courses for lifeguards, but certain courses and training courses are very useful. First, a lifeguard is expected to be a good swimmer and rescuer. Courses such as a first aid course and the RN-KNBRD course are often also requested, but things like emergency response, safety management, and even activity coordination can also come in handy. This is not a requirement for a novice lifeguard class, but it is recommended for a lifeguard to follow along the way.

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