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eCentennial: Guide to access myCentennial Login Portal 2022


The terms eCentennial and myCentennial are two different terms that shouldn’t be identical. But, what ties the two is that they’ve created to assist Centennial College students.

The best way to to apply is through my application, a platform online for checking the Centennial College program choices. This web-based tool makes it possible to access all the details you need to be an undergraduate. When you enroll in this highly rated Centennial College, the two different platforms, myCentennial and eCentennial, are the main focus.

Both are made to be accessible from any location as they’re web-based. Although they both function differently, it is evident that eCentennial is superior because it comes with the best features that students will be seeking. But, it’s not enough to overlook the other, as it also has the essential features that will get you to the college.

To make sure you comprehend the subject thoroughly, we will provide extensive information to provide you with the fundamental understanding and knowledge of the two most popular internet-based platforms available on Centennial College in the beautiful region of Canada.

What exactly is eCentennial?

eCentennial can be described as an internet-based portal for students at Centennial College students that provides access to learning materials assignments and a discussion board to facilitate effective communication between students and teachers. Teachers can view their grades, current status, and many other features. It’s called Centennial College LMS, and you aren’t wrong.


This is, without doubt, the most significant tool that you can access on the web after you’ve accepted conducting a course within Centennial College. This is why you should visit the website to learn about the many tools and services offered by the college to help students who are valued.

Additionally, we’ll offer specific guidelines for specific tasks. But, the process of learning begins with knowing how to sign in to the eCentennial.

How do I log into eCentennial?


1. Begin the Login process by visiting through your web browser.

2. Please enter your myCentennial ID as well as a password. Your myCentennial ID contains nine numbers.

3. Then, you can click Register to sign in and begin by using the eCentennial web-based service designed for students.


How can I obtain an E-Centennial username, password, and username

First, let us dispel the confusion regarding your eCentennial username. An eCentennial username is a 9-digit number, and it is essential to have it since it is the key to a variety of resources and services that could be extremely beneficial.

If you’ve been around for a long time, there is a good chance that you’ve already got it solved. But, if you’re the first time logging into your account the first time you are unsure of your password, you might be unsure about how to access your user ID and password.

Suppose you study the letter of acceptance carefully and carefully. In that case, you’ll find the nine-digit Centennial College ID, but few people do since the excitement that is a moment in time is a means of making any person miss the most important information.

The date of birth (MMDDYY) for the password will be the secret to unlocking your account.

How do I reset my eCentennial password?

E-Centennial username, password, and username

  • Click to the student login portal at
  • Click Forgot Password? Found at the lower right of the page, based on the device you are using.
  • Give me your Centennial ID (9-digit number) and your full name. The name of your last name is the surname you have.
  • Click Reset Password

Accessing course content via eCentennial

It is the most important thing students should be prepared to take on occasion, regardless of the other obligations. Your teachers utilize this eCentennial Student Platform to share material or Content like videos documents, documents, or even websites for students to look through.

Apart from accessing the course material, you’ll also be able to download, upload an attachment into your book, add it to a bookmark, and more.

How can I access course content?

Once your instructor uploads the file that you have uploaded, you will be capable of accessing or viewing the material via your Student web portal. When you access the Content, you will see that you’ve opened the file.

If you’ve taken the class, you can access the Content of the class. Here is an instruction on how you can access the course material through your eCentennial account.

1. Sign in first to your account via the account’s eCentennial login page.

2. Tap Content is located on the upper bar.

3. On on the left side of this page, you’ll see the information for the entire course (e.g., an outline of the course).

4. Click on the name of a specific course you would like to access or to open.

Note: There are many ways to modify the web page to display content the way you prefer. You can filter or set it to show only the contents for the week by using the menu on the side. Students can also choose to pin the page for easy access anytime you require them.

You’re spoilt with choices since you can utilize the ReadSpeaker tool to have text read out to you as you listen. This is extremely useful to those who prefer these methods over the alternative.

How do I download course content?

Why put up with the hassle when you can get the Content of your course downloaded and saved to your device? When you download the file, you’re not only making a saving every time you want to access the file, you are also making sure that you can access it at any time with no internet connection.


This is the section in which we’ll show you how to download and save course material or the file from the eCentennial website:

1. Connect to your eCentennial account after creating an account first.

2. Then, click Content on the upper bar and locate the file or contents on the Content page you’re looking for.

3. Under the display box, press the Download button in order to save the file to your computer.

Submitting assignments, taking quizzes, and evaluating your marks

The hardest aspect, but the most difficult, is knowing how to answer questions is the most difficult part. You must also prepare yourself for the test and test. When you are done, you can see the results by examining your course and can access them through the eCentennial.


It is important to prepare by taking quizzes and then completing the assignment yourself. If you can succeed in these assignments, the chances of success are good. What do you do to access your work and take the test? We’ll help you figure it out!

How to pass quizzes

Your teacher or instructor will be able to upload tests directly to eCentennial to allow you to use them during the current time. As students, you need to note the date and time that a particular test will end to ensure you don’t miss out on any grade if there is one.

1. Begin by logging into your eCentennial account with Your username as well as your password.

2. Click the bar located on the right, and then click Quizzes.

3. Choose the test you’d like to take part in and tap the quiz’s title. When you tap, you’ll be taken to the page for the quiz.

4. Click OK if you’d want to continue the test. If No, tap Cancel instead.

5. Answer each question in the order they pop into your mind. Be sure to save your answers by clicking Save beneath each question.

6. When you’ve completed all questions, you need to click Go to Submit Quiz.

7. Make sure you confirm your answers with the Submit Quiz button. If you click it, it is a sign that you’ve already sent the answers in your class to the instructor. This means that you won’t be able for a second time unless the instructor allows you a second chance.

How do you submit your assignment via DropBox?

Assignments help you prepare for what is to expect in the future, and you shouldn’t skip a part of what will make up your final grade. Assignments can be uploaded to eCentennial via Dropbox.


1. To begin, sign in to your eCentennial account—Tap Dropbox on the bar at the top.

2. Search for the title of the assignment you’d like to send to your teacher. After you’ve found it, tap it.

3. Tap Add a File. The interface lets you add nearly any kind of file, including audio, document, image, or link. You can also make a recording and send it directly to your instructor.

4. Choose the file you’d like to upload to eCentennial by using Dropbox. Click Add to Attach the file.

5. Make a Comment if you have one, or you may choose not to add any comments.

6. Click Submit. Your assignment will now be delivered directly to the instructor.

How do you view your grade?

As an instructor at Centennial College, the only method to gauge your progress is knowing the specific grade awarded to your class. Here, you can see your grades on the eCentennial student’s page.

1. From your eCentennial dashboard, select Grades on the top bar. Tap it.

2. You can see your grades displayed, including the points, weight attained, and your letter grade.

How do you gain access to and access the Discussion Board?

Discussion boards are one of the many benefits of The Centennial College LMS. It’s an open platform that allows you to share your opinions and ideas with your other students and converse with your professor.


You can write or read about the topic on the web page, which could become an issue with your classmates. Let us show you how to use this Discussion Board from eCentennial.

1. Connect to your student’s online platform.

2. Go to the main page and then click Discussions.

Students can also choose to begin with their very own subject. It’s as easy as visiting the View Topic page, and clicking Create with a New Thread. Follow the instructions online to create a topic to discuss.

You can also choose to reply to threads that are already open via the View Topic page and then select an existing thread. Click Reply to Thread. Once you’re there, it is simple to reply to any topic. Always try to Press Post to publish your response.


What is my Centennial?

myCentennial can be a web-based platform to allow Centennial College students to access information as well as certain services, such as registration for courses tuition, fees, and payments, and apply to transfer credit and enter into discussions with the Centennial College community.

In simple terms, it’s a location where you can access every detail as a student at the school. Apart from that, your centennial student account is a way to access eCentennial’s schedules, eCentennial’ my card, office365.

How to log in to myCentennial

1. Visit our from your web browser.

2. Use your Login and username.

3. Click Log in to your myCentennial account.

Accessing myCentennial

To log into myCentennial, you must confirm your admission at Centennial College. Once approved, students will be able to Login at and then access different pages and tabs.

Is myApplication a good application?

MyApplication is an online application that allows applicants to view whether they are in the process of completing their application options, as well as their status of admission at Centennial College.

When you enter the site with your login information, You will be able to see a variety of tabs and pages. Among these are options for program selections such as admission status, test scores, offer status, missing requirements, etc.

The students who were given admission should note that they will not be using myApplication to reject or accept admission. Instead, sign in to the portal of colleges to confirm the offer.


Centennial College “In-house” applicants must complete the tear-off form included in the offer and visit Centennial College Admissions at Progress Campus.

When can I begin to access my application?

Access to myApplication in 2 days of submitting your application. If it’s an “in-house” application, then you’ll need to wait for five business days before access.

It can take two additional days for your profile to appear in the myApplication. When the transcript and information are received, your application will be updated.


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