Friday, February 3, 2023
designer saree

Embrace The Six Yards of Grace


Sarees are love! Maybe that’s the reason they are also popular as five yards of elegance because it not only delivers exquisite look but gives your personality a graceful appearance. The uniqueness and charm that saree brings on the table is unmatchable.

The Indian history is draped in this elegant outfit. Moreover, the variation in draping the saree across the nation is galvanic. Be the famous and most renowned at poure saree style which is adorned by the Bengali community or the bold and beautiful nauvari saree of Maharashtra, as the region changes, the draping style differs.

Moreover, with the change in area, fabric used for saree also witness a significant shift which solely depends on the climatic conditions. Cotton sarees rule the roost but silk, chanderi, satin and more are also donned and praised by the Indian population.

If you are looking for a range of exquisite saree, giving you a glimpse of worldly arts then opt for designer sarees that embrace the creative brains and heritage. The one-stop destination for ethnic and Indian festive wear, Moledro is introducing a range of saree.

Moledro’s idea behind the introduction of saree was to take up the traditional attire and mix it with contemporary skills to curate edgy and bold pieces which world has not seen. In doing so, the designer studio gave rise to a premium collection under the name Nazm where the range of sarees are eye-catching and unique.

Take a look:

1. Aiza Saree:

Aiza Saree

The Aiza saree is a show stealer. It features a beautiful blouse of V neckline and floral motifs with the saree of pleasing silhouette. The drape has sequin and star work all over it with tassels attached to its hemline. A perfect attire for your evening soiree to be the talk of the town and a trendsetter for everyone.

2. Lynna Saree

Lynna Saree

Lynna saree embraces the flower and makes you fall in love instantly. The six yards of grace by the designer is exquisite with ruffle at the hem. With such bright and beautiful detailings all over the saree length, you instantly exude festive vibe. Moreover, handmade scallop lace are attached at the border of the pallu along with handmade tassels on it.

3. Naaz Saree:

Naaz Saree

The designer saree with the name Naaz will give you proud moments. Bold, beautiful and edgy- these words are the perfect definition of the saree that is curated with fine hands and love. The saree has star motif and golden tassels. The highlight of saree is its exquisite blouse. Featuring spaghetti straps and intricate embroidery details, the blouse is modern and accentuates the designer saree. Moreover, contemporary look is bestowed with embroidered and beaded belt that sits on the waistline and brings freshness.

Sarees have always mesmerized us. The designer sarees are not only about exceptional, unique design but the fall and extra adornment that enhances the charm of it. The newly launched designer sarees of Moledro are paired with dazzling blouse pieces that have delicate details on them and instantly weave magic on the eyes of beholder.

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