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Equation of Parabola


Equation of Parabola is another important aspect of Geometrical maths. We define a parabola as a section of a right cone that is constructed parallel to only one side (this is done by producing a line) of the cone figure. The figure of the Parabola is similar to the shape of the circle, but in regard to its quadratic relation, a parabola is different from a circle. Either of its sides denoted as ‘A’ or ‘B ‘ will be squared, but never both of its sides. This being said, a parabola is a whole set of all points that is M (A, B) in a plane in a way which is the distance from M to a definite point F this is known as the focus, which is equivalent to the distance from the point M to a definite line which is known as the directrix. This will be clearer once plotted in a graph.  

Parabolic Equation 

The equation denoted for a parabola is y = x². In this x-squared is the resultant of the parabola. This being y² = x becomes convenient or mathematically this can be expressed as y = √x

Which Formula is Derived for the Equation of a Parabola?

Suppose h, k is the two focuses and the y is the directrix so, y – mx + b hence the parabola equation is y−mx–by−mx–b² / m²+1m²+1 = (x – h) ² + (y – k) ². Parabola is the shape of the ice-cream cone and snips it off parallelly to the sideline of the cone.

Usefulness of Parabola

If we simply think of an arc-shaped figure, then that is exactly how a Parabola is. Now in this section, we will know about the Parabolas and their all-time uses in real life. 

Do you know? If there were no parabolas, then we wouldn’t have mobile or telecommunication services. We could not enjoy the dish television facility either! Mobile phones and satellite television put satellites into execution in outer space which is parabolic-shaped. Hence, the parabola can be used for the following purposes:

  • Use in the radar dishes or for communication satellites.
  • For the satellite dishes.
  • the reflector on the torches and the spotlights.
  • the focusing of the sun’s rays to make it a hot spot on a plane.


Equation of Ellipse


The definition of Ellipse? Ellipse is the locus of points that are being marked in a plane, this is derived as the summation of the distances from two fixed points has a constant value. These two fixed points are known as the foci meaning the focus of the ellipse.


The equation of an ellipse algebraically represents an ellipse that lies in the coordinate plane. Thus, the equation of ellipse can be given as follows:


Parts of an Ellipse

These are the few important terms that relate to the different parts of an ellipse.

Focus: An ellipse has two foci with their coordinates named as – F (c, o), and F'(-c, 0). The distance between the foci is 2c.

Centre: This is the midpoint of the line that joins two foci, this is called the central part of the ellipse.

Major Axis: The length of the major axis part of the ellipse is equal to 2a units, and the end vertices of the major axis are denoted as (a, 0), (-a, 0) respectively.

Minor Axis: The length of the minor axis of the ellipse is equal to 2b units and the end vertices of the minor axis are represented by (0, b), and (0, -b) each respectively.

Latus Rectum: The latus rectum is a definite line that is being drawn in the structure perpendicular to the transverse axis of the ellipse and this is passing through the foci or focus of the ellipse. The length of the latus rectum of the ellipse is equal to 2b2/a.

Transverse Axis: This is the line which is passing through the two definite foci and the central part of the ellipse this is called the transverse axis.

Conjugate Axis: The line passing through the mid of the centre of this ellipse is perpendicular to its transverse axis which is called the conjugated axis at this region.

Eccentricity: (e < 1). This is known as the ratio of the distance of the focus from the central part of the ellipse to the distance of one end of the ellipse from another end of the central part of the ellipse. 

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