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Loft Extension Company in London
Loft Extension Company in London
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Essential Things to Know About Loft Extensions in London


Lofts are beautiful and versatile spaces that you might want to use in different ways. Sometimes the available space in your home may be inadequate. This may be the time that a loft extension becomes a necessity. If you are considering a loft extension in London, you will need to know a few key things. First of all, it is crucial to understand the planning process and what is involved in it.

You will need to find an experienced builder who can help turn your vision into reality. This blog post discusses everything you need to know about loft extensions in London.

The Planning Process

Loft extensions in London can be a great way to add some extra living space and value to your home. However, it is essential to understand the planning process before starting any work.

Firstly, check if your property is suitable for a loft extension. Specific criteria must be met for a loft extension to be approved. For example, the height of the ceiling and the amount of headroom there will be. If you need to increase the height of the roof, you need to apply for permission.

It is always best to seek professional advice from an experienced conversion extension company if you are in any way unsure. They will go over the design and make changes to help transform your loft area into a functional space.

Planning Application

Once you have ascertained that your property is suitable for a loft extension in London, the next step is to submit a planning application. The planning application must be submitted to your local council, which will determine whether or not to approve the plans. If it is approved, you can proceed with the work. If not, you can always appeal or change the design.

Complying with Building Regulations

After the council grants planning permission, you must still comply with the relevant building regulations. These set out the standards that must be met for the work to be carried out.

For example, the regulations state that loft conversions must have a means of escape in case of fire. Therefore, you will need to install a fire ladder or another fire escape route. Also, loft extensions must have adequate ventilation and insulation.

The objective is to ensure that the space is comfortable to live in and to prevent condensation. After the project is complete, you might want to inspect it. Make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the work before making the final payment.

How to Choose a Loft Extension Company in London

The loft conversion process can seem daunting, so selecting a loft extension company you can trust is vital. Start with looking for referrals from friends and family. Then create a list of potential companies. Check out their websites and read online reviews. Always remember to get the terms and conditions in writing before signing any contract.

Loft extensions should not be complicated. They are supposed to improve your living space. Moreover, you don’t have to execute such projects and navigate the red tape alone. Working with a professional is always the best way to achieve your desired results.

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