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Everything You Need to Know About Fortified Homes


Fortification of houses is majorly done to keep the house safe from burglars. Generally, cameras, motion detectors, and alarms are used to keep a check. But to put in an extra effort, some others techniques can also be used. Fortified home construction can make your house safer from thieves, enemies, and animals.

If you prefer living off the grid, then you should expect wild animals at your door any time. Fencing your house becomes typically crucial in such conditions to protect yourself from any harm.

What makes a house fortified?

It is a building method that is nationally recognized. It is used to strengthen buildings, residential or commercial, to save them from all kinds of natural calamities, including but not limited to storms, hurricanes. With time, fortified home construction has been proven beneficial for other purposes. These fortification methods have been researched for more than 20 years and tested thoroughly.

Fortification of houses is done on three different levels and in various ways.

Levels of Fortification

Level 1: Fortified RoofInitially, it was called Fortified Bronze. It is the first level of fortification and is used to modify and strengthen the roofs. Such a type of fortification can be applied to already existing houses, too, if you want to update your roof. Fortified Roofs protect the houses from high winds and damaging moisture. These roofs can be simply nailed down with some nails.

  • Level 2: Fortified Silver

It is the next level of fortified home construction. Here, everything done in fortified roofs is included with other factors. This level also focuses on strengthening overhangs, roofs, openings, and other structures like porches. This level of fortification involves reconstructing the overhangs if they are more significant than required, impact-proofing the windows and doors. To keep your home certified after silver level fortification, it is a good idea to work with a Fortified Builder.

  • Level 3: Fortified Gold

Being the final level of fortification, it builds through level 1 and level 2: the fortified roof and fortified silver. The involvement of a professional engineer is essential from the beginning in case of new construction. It is difficult for an existing house to get certification due to the amount of complexity that this level holds.

Tips to fortify a house

  • A little Camouflaging never hurts

You surely want your house to be of unique design and stand out from neighboring houses, but that can result in burglars targeting your house more often than others. To protect yourself from such incidents, painting the house with more natural colors can turn out as helpful.

  • Say yes to Defensive Perimeters.

In an ICF Insulated Concrete Form Home design, fencing your property can help you make it more secure. This can be done with several things like by growing thorny plants as a fence and using barbed-wire fencing or brick-walled fencing. The addition of anti-climb spikes can do wonders.

  • Cameras and Motion Lights help.

Any intruder would like to get in unnoticed and get their hands on whatever they can. And that is how motion lights and security cameras attack precisely at their weak spot. As soon as a burglar steps in, motion-detecting lights will startle them, and security cameras will

Dog at Guard.

ICF Insulated Concrete Form Home design looks perfect with a guard dog. It is always said that a dog is a human’s best friend. Dog breeds like Pit-bulls, bulldogs, and German shepherds are all considered security dogs. A guard dog cannot protect the whole house alone, but it can be a great diversion and effectively complement other methods.

  • Safe Zone

Fighting back is fine, but some people prefer hiding in such situations. Adding a safe zone in your fortified home construction design can have a fantastic effect. Your safe zone can be a safe room or basement, which can be used to hide until help arrives.

Closing Note

Any natural calamity or burglary incident can be saved with simple changes made with the help of fortification. Keeping quiet about any valuables on your property can help keep burglars at bay. Any intruders only attack when they are sure of the valuables that your property holds. No one can control natural calamity, and hence, ICF Insulated Concrete Form Home design, along with fortification, can help you save your property from any significant damages.

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