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Everything you should know about handlebars


Despite the fact that they serve a single purpose, motorcycle handlebars come in a wide range of forms and sizes. To put it another way, the shape and geometry of a handle bar determine how an individual rides a motorbike. There’s also the fact that the correct handlebar can make a motorcycle appear great. Handlebars are one of your motorcycle’s most important components. Besides being vital for the ergonomics of your bike, they also let you show off your personal flair to the rest of the world. Plus, on a technical level, the handlebars hold most of your bike’s controls.Many motorcyclists choose to ride great distances just on occasion, while others use their bike only as a status symbol and nothing else.

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Types of Handelbars you should know about

In order to choose the finest motorcycle handlebar for you, it’s necessary to be familiar with a variety of designs and types of motorcycle handlebars. Each style of motorcycle handlebar is described here, as well as the usual motorcycles on which it is found and you can decide which one to purchase from an automotive parts store.


You’ll find this type of handlebar on most Indian budget bikes. At both ends, there is a rise that curves outwards. You should use it on budget motorcycles since it gives a comfortable riding posture while yet giving enough steering feedback to the motorcyclist. Custom motorcycle shops also use it on cruiser bikes to elevate the handlebars over the motorbike’s height. With this handlebar, you can ride more comfortably.

Clip on handlebars

There are two components to a clip-on handlebar, and they attach directly to the motor’s front frames. To improve efficiency and offer a forward-leaning riding position, they’re meant to be mounted on your bike’s frame. Sport motorcycles tend to use clip-ons since they’re designed for speed, but the basic concept is adaptable enough that identical versions are also available for cruisers, cafe racers, and other types.

Many clip-ons are adjustable, allowing riders to experiment with different heights and angles to find the perfect fit for their body.

Zero Drag

A zero drag handlebar, it is also known as a straight bar, is a straight length of pipe that serves as a motorcycle handlebar. On production-spec bikes, you won’t see too many of them, since they are more of a tuner’s addition than anything else. In comparison to other bars, a straight bar has the benefit of providing strong leverage in the corners. Hence, a straight bar will be your best friend if you want to force your motorcycle into a corner. The Z-Bar, on the other hand, allows for a more comfortable riding position. Straight bars can also be found on choppers owing to their aesthetic attractiveness.

Motocross handlebars

To be expected, dirt motorcycles and dual-sports are equipped with motocross bars as a matter of regular practise. Some leaning forward is required with most motocross handlebars due to their low or medium profile, although not as much as with clip-on or drag handlebars. Often, motocross bars are constructed with a cross brace that adds more strength and stability.It is possible to choose from many different designs of dirt bike handlebars. Because trail riders are more likely to stand up than racers, lower and straighter bars tend to be preferred by them. In contrast, freestyle motocross riders have the tallest and most curved bars, sometimes even without a cross brace.


No manufacturing motorbike in India has a handlebar like this. Due to the shape and height of the bike’s handlebars, a rider must lift their hands above their heads in order to grasp them. Except for the fact that they look great, they don’t give any performance benefits. On chop-shop bikes that have been modified to the point of being unrecognisable, you can locate them.

Buchhorn Bars

These handlebars are likewise quite similar to the Ape Hangers in terms of design and use. Designed to climb a short distance and then curve back towards the river, they have a unique shape. Again, they add to the enjoyment of riding a motorbike. Because they allow the rider’s hands to rest in a comfortable posture, they are quite popular.

Clubman Bars

On the triple tree of the motorbike, this handlebar is attached as a single piece of metal. Its body leans forward, but its ends slant in the opposite direction from the body. This type of seat allows the rider to sit in a crouching or squatting position while leaning forward a little amount.


If you’re not interested in improving your motorcycle’s performance, then you shouldn’t go for a motorcycle handlebar. Handlebar modification, on the other hand, is recommended when you want to add a new dynamic or want to get a bit more out of your motorbike in bends. Most people use clip-ons, although straight bars have been known to give a lot of leverage in corners. Finally, every motorcycle modification will be unique, therefore we recommend doing a comprehensive study before doing a handlebar switch. Aside from that, make sure you contact the proper individual for the task. If you’re changing the handlebars on your motorbike, check sure everything is working properly before you ride home because you want your handlebars for Royal Enfield, to work perfectly.

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